I am messing around with WordPress

… so if you find anything broken, please let me know.

  1. the whole site is broken. What the hell is going on. Watch out, Arabs aren’t used to change.

  2. Looks good now
    God tht new wordpress upgrade is giving me hard time

  3. Garfan: Oh No !! The internets is broken 🙂

    Sabeur:Thanks. Yeah, i had some trouble, but it turns out it was caused by a plugin that i had.

  4. heahe wuofj sdmkjwh!!!

    jejejejje poewaksy hfjwuv slalwn riuw qpsjmnbf cwouw

    yes ur comment box is broken

  5. KJ: hahahaha .. good one

  6. KJ, funny joke 🙂

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