Scientists create a working “invisibility shield”

Scientists have created material which could cover objects and render them invisible. They have been able to cloak two-dimensional objects before, but now they were able to cloak three-dimensional objects for the first time, bringing them one step closer to actual, working, invisibility cloths. (Read more about it here).

I like how the article tries to dilute the objective of such discovery by saying:

The new work moves scientists a step closer to hiding people and objects from visible light, which could have broad applications, *including military ones*.

I can hardly imagine any uses for such technology except for military ones. Sure, i guess companies could use them to hide ugly fixtures in residential areas, or they could be used in magical and entertainment shows. But, let’s face it, this technology is created for the military.

I feel very uneasy about this advancement. Because what is even worse than an enemy that you can see, is an enemy that you can’t see. So, if this technology fell into the wrong hands, it could really wreak some havoc on the population. Imagine a serial killer roaming the streets invisibly killing people. Imagine a gang of mad men invisibly hiding out and pouncing on innocent civilians to deliver lethal blows! People who are already paranoid will become super-duper ultra paranoid!!

Although this technology is super cool, it could really do a lot of harm if it fell into the wrong hands.Personally i wish it won’t be developed (or at least not commercialized without a good antidote), What do you think ?

  1. This technology IS in the wrong hands – it doesn’t need to fall there. They’re giving us already some samples of what will happen in war-based videogames. The earliest I can remember is red alert.

  2. I want this cloak so bad. Harry Potter anybody?

  3. KJ: Hmm .. i guess it would be the worst case scenario if things turn out as they are in video games 🙂

    Saned: Really ????????

  4. and most probably was created by a military researchers.

  5. Jad: I don’t think that the leading researcher (Xiang Zhang) is associated with the military, but most likely they received funding from the military to do this research. This is how it is often down in such universities.

  6. I bet a tenner, that they already have the technology, but it would be made available in 20 years time.
    Didn’t the same thing happen with the internet?

    But then again, I’m in love with conspiracy theories and the likes.

  7. available to the masses that is ***

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