Mourning the Loss of Mahmoud Darwish

We have been blessed to live in the same time as the great poet Mahmoud Darwish. We have been lucky to see him express our concerns and convey our message to the world. But alas, he is a mortal, and yesterday he departed us and left us in this cold world of ours.

We have lost a great poet, a great Palestinian, a great Arab, a great human being.
We might have lost the poet, but his work is eternal. Poetry is immortal.

Rest in peace Mahmoud Darwish. May God bless your soul.

Mahmoud Darwish

Note: The following pages have nice brief accounts for his life. In English here, In Arabic here and here.

  1. Allah yer7amo 🙁

  2. Indeed, poetry is immortal. Allah yer7amo. He had his personal Jihad iby speaking out for his country and on behalf of all of us.

  3. KJ, Batoul, Sondos: Indeed, may he rest in peace, and God bless his soul.
    Thanks Sondos for the tribute video.

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