$23 on the ground

A couple of days ago, 7aki posted a question asking what is the minimum value a coin has to be for you to pick it up from the ground. Well today I found $23 on the ground, so I definitely picked them up 🙂 .

Now this IS an exceptionally large amount of money to find on the ground, but I hope it won’t be my largest 😉 . I looked around, but it was an empty university quad on a lazy summer day. Nobody was in sight to claim it, so I introduced that money to its younger siblings in my pocket 🙂 .

Now, to find a way to spend that money … After all, found money is spending money 🙂

  1. haha, I found $40 at the movies. A friend was with me so we decided to split. It was a good day.

  2. I once found ~20 dinars In amman. My mom took me to the market and bought spices with all the money. true story. I swore not to find money afterward.

  3. I lost 50 JD 😀

    Man your Span thing is HARD 😀 put another one plz

  4. You’re horrible!

  5. Saned: Yup, that does sound like a recipe for a good day 🙂

    Garfan: Hahahahaha … ya 7aram !! .. and 20 JD now and then is worth alot 🙂

    Qabbani: Ouch … that sucks! I hope you find them soon. As for my spam protection down there, well i find it actually easier that Blogger’s anti-spam check. Anyway, if you get something that is too hard to decode, just click the refresh button and you will get another one. I use this type because it actually helps digitize old books with every challenge you solve 🙂

    KJ: nananananaana

  6. money on the ground carries bad luck !
    i once found 100 NIS on the ground, we 3enak ma tshoof ela el noor !

  7. How come I never find money anywhere! not even in my pockets! haha

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