Stupid Comment

You get to read a lot of stupid comments on the Internet these days. On forums, YouTube, blogs ..etc, many idiots are getting to voice their “thoughts” and “ideas”. Of course there are also many clever and insightful comments as well, but stupid comments do tend to stand out.

For example, read this comment i just found on Aljazeera English’s Youtube channel:

You heard him ladies and gentlemen; Everybody, let’s get busy … we need to increase our “production” by more than 1,000% a day over the next 10 years!! So, drop whatever you’re doing, go home, and get down to business 🙂 … from 43,000 to 500,000 A DAY !! LOL.. it is all part of his grand scheme. 🙂

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  1. YES !!
    khaleena ne2lebha 2ommet araneb !!

  2. wllah she mo5ze fe3lan
    bedo yzeed 3dad elmoslemeen
    fa be7ki tzawaj bsor3a >???!!!!!!!!!

    fe3lan a7yanan elsokot men dahab
    allah ye5reb baito had el2ahbal

  3. LOOOOOOOL hoeh hada illi dayel nseer zay il 7ayawanat, this really saddens me to know that people are still thinking this way, YA 7mar ya ibn il 7mar… inta min kol 3aglak msade2 inno kol walad btegi rez2to ma3o !!!, and am sure that it’s obvious in our society that many people do believe in that, this is what we are missing.. some cultural education to widen our thoughts and to realize whats really going on in the world !!


    I wouldn’t mind hahahaha

  5. Maho law fi quality ma3 el quantity bnez3alish 😀 look around you ya ibni… aktar nas be5alfo i7na bas what happens to the kids afterwards is what matters


    I couldn’t stop laughing at this.

    wow! In an age, where awareness of contraception and family planning is vital, it is shocking to read such a comment.

  7. What do you expect from a religious fuck-nut like that? If there were not so many zealots like that around, comments like that would be funny.

  8. Wait for you as a religious nut shit? If there were as many fans as the one on that comments would be as fun.

  9. Stuck in the 14th century. Amazing. He should be a museum piece.
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