Elevator to Space & Other Stuff..

The following short segment from “Nova Science Now”, which is an amazing program btw, highlights a company that is exploring the idea of extending a thin sheet-like line from earth to outer space to use it as a basis for an elevator to cheaply transport people into space!! I honestly don’t see this happening, but it is entertaining to see great bright minds playing around with the idea.

This definitely is a wacky idea in my opinion. I mean come on, can you imagine planet earth orbiting in space with a big pipe extending out of it ? Even if such a thing could be built, how on earth will you maintain it and protect it from meteors and other space hazards ? How will you even make it stable ?! … i personally don’t think it will even be economically feasible to build and maintain such a link.

In totally unrelated news, and in contrast to that wacky idea, i think the following events can actually take place .. (but i hope they don’t 🙂 ):

  • Qwaider making a blog post *during* his wedding party: … yeah, who amongst us doesn’t believe this is possible…. i’d actually be surprised if he didn’t … heck, i’ll be surprised if he didn’t blog during his honeymoon :-).
  • Two days after their marriage, Qwaider seriously tries to convince Maioush that she should migrate her blog to be hosted on Memories Documented (his blog) instead of WordPress: … he explains how his own private hosting can provide her with secure backups and strict anti-spam mechanisms (not to mention his perceived superiority of his blogging engine to everything that is readily available out there) … i say resist the temptations Maioush.
  • KJ‘s imaginary friend, Moogle, gets jealous of Qwaider’s marriage and decides to have his own imaginary friend: … (yes .. with KJ it is very well possible that an imaginary friend could get an imaginary friend). Unfortunately, Moogle’s imaginary friend runs off to get married as well … this will leave KJ perplexed for a few weeks… oh boy … god help us if that happens.

Qwaider .. sorry buddy, somebody had to pick on you because you’re getting married 🙂 … and congratulations to you and Maioush again.

  1. HAHAHA!!! Pick on me .. wala yhimmak

    Now, regarding the space elevator, there’s a lot of doubt at the moment (mid 2008) due to the fact that there’s no known substance that can withstand such forces. Not even carbon nanotubes or diamond.

    There are plenty of wacky ideas to come. We’ll see which one will make it

    Oh and blogging during the wedding, 🙂 maybe I’ll do i! 🙂
    As for moving off wordpress, I wouldn’t recommend it at all. WordPress is the king of all blogging platforms and nothing else comes even close. I’m different.. and my solution might not work for everyone
    So no, as far as I can see it, I’m not making any suggestions to Maioush. In fact, Ask her, if I ever tried to make decisions for her. I just don’t do that! We are one, but we both make our own decisions.

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! halla2 i’m crossing my fingers for him not blog during our honey moon (balash el nas te7ki 3anno sar zah2an) LOL! , bs come on, we all know how active he is, i want him to keep enjoying what he is doing 🙂
    as far as for the blog, LOL! 7abeebi Samer he never tries to make me leave WP, in fact he recommends WP for everyone 🙂

  3. LMAO @ Qwaiderlings hahaha

    oh man!


    Alright Za3tar since you already opened the door, I am please to inform you that Moogle isn’t the only character I have 🙂 I just choose to display him.

    I got others and they have hilarious stories. I have Natasha Miller who has a split personality and shares her head with Boris. From their names I am sure you know their function in my head.

    I also have stories relating to me and other entities with my and my sister’s stuffed animal collection. Remember Gigi? Well she eloped with Binky the Clown and we are no longer sleeping on the same bed!

    Biddak kaman e7ki walla bala fadaye7?

  4. Qwaider: Yeah, that did seem like a wacky idea. I don’t know why would that company waste time and money exploring such a thing. I guess they can put it to use for buildings and skyscrapers on earth with far less expenses. Oh well.

    As for the WordPress thing, i am actually surprised. I truly didn’t think that you’d approve of such a thing 🙂

    Maioush: 🙂 .. deery balik .. he might be waiting for after the marriage to convince you to move 🙂 .. … actually i also just found out that he is fond of wordpress .. i really didn’t expect that.

    KJ: Oh NOOOOO … i have opened the flood gates !!! 😉

  5. and have you noticed that you need to be trapped in the elevator for a week :s, that doesn’t make any sense!! the elevator interior would be very large, concerning that you need some space to sleep, and all of that would be held on thin sheet to the outer space !!!,
    and lol at Qwaider making a blog during his wedding, coz he’ve actually done it !!!

  6. Shaher: LOL .. i haven’t even thought of that … yeah .. being trapped in an elevator hanging between earth and space for a week would surely suck !!

    I am not sure whether they want to use such an elevator for transporting humans or equipment. It is a weird concept non-the-less.

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