iPhone 3G, and Why I Lost My Trust in Apple

The anticipated Apple iPhone 3G was released this Monday. This new version of the iPhone can operate on 3G networks and includes GPS capabilities. Other than that, nothing is new with the device itself. Steve Jobs keynote speech also revelead the Apple AppStore and a group of apps built on the previously released iPhone SDK. This new iPhone software update will be available to all iPhone devices, and is not only restricted to the new generation iPhone 3Gs.

Although these new introductions seem exciting, fine, and dandy; I can’t help but feel cheated somehow. You see, except for the multitouch screen, the iPhone’s features pale in comparison to other contending phones. Nokia’s N95 and N96 come at the equivalent price of the current iPhones (the non 3G), and they yet include much better software and hardware capabilities. The iPhone 2 MegaPixel camera falls short compared to the Nokia’s 5 MegaPixel camera phones for the same price. Not to mention that the iPhone still can not capture videos, perform zooming, or offer flash photography .. all of which are standard on other contending phones for the same or even lesser price.

Another problem with the old iPhones was the immaturity of its software. The iPhone’s web browser, media player, and photo viewer are fine .. but other than that the phone’s software sucks. The calendar software is a joke, the software frequently crashes, and you can not even resend, edit, or draft SMS messages (all of which my very old mobile phone was mastering). However, i am optimistic that with the release of the SDK we will start seeing better software running on the iPhone. However, it is shocking that Apple thought it would be more fitting to include a scientific calculator in their software update before even fixing the SMS app!! Heck, the phone doesn’t even distinguish between dialed and received calls !!

The iPhone’s recent price drop also digruntles me. Don’t get me wrong, i am glad it is finally getting cheaper. But if you think about it, Apple added 3G and GPS communicators, and didn’t change the phone’s processor power. The material cost certainly did not  get cheaper of the past few months, and still Apple was able to cut the price in half. I guess what i am trying to say is that not only was the original iPhone over priced, it was grossly over priced. As a person who spent a quarter of his college stipend to buy an iPhone, i feel cheated that practically the same phone was offered for half the price just a couple of months later! I understand that electronics get cheaper with time, but this is clearly just too much!

I was rather disappointed with these WWDC revelations. I guess this reminded me with “old Apple” behavior, where they would announce a small set of features that are subpar compared to the current state of alternatives, and brag about them. Come on Apple, please fix the SMS features in your phone, please give us a real camera that can truly stand its ground against Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and fix the many annoying bugs and stupid limitations of the iPhone. How come i used to be able to upload any music file to my very old phone and turn it into my ringtone and i can not do that with the iPhone. I understand you want to charge people money .. but come on .. $2 for a ringtone ?!! this is too much. I know there are hacks to bypass some these limitations, but i choose to maintain the integrity of my phone, and i should not be punished because of that.

Certainly Apple is great at over-hyping products and creating market buzz. They can really take an ordinary item and market it successfully as the next best thing on earth. I honestly believe that if they choose to market monkey feces, they could make iFeces and that would be the next big hit world wide. I really wish i had this ability .. it would make me a millionaire 🙂 . However, for now, i am disgruntled and i do feel cheated. And whatever chance there was of me making my next computer a Mac has just vanished. I guess i will stick in my free world.

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  1. Apple is a bit overhyped because now it is gaining lots of attention since it first launched the iPod, and everyone came running to the iMacs and stuff.

    They’re certainly nifty gadgets and look slick – dunnno about the new Macs but the old ones did wonders in the graphics rendering and designing departments…

    Anyway the iPhone looks awesome and I wanted to buy it (I don’t really care about 3G) but then I saw the sony ericsson X1 and I thought I’d wait a bit more..

    It’s already released in the US so if you can get a preview of it to see how it looks like 😀

  2. Yeah, i think Apple did start to get better momentum when steve jobs came back and they launched the iPods. Yes they do get high marks for focusing on the aesthetic aspects.

    I already have an iPhone. I bought one a few months back. At first i was excited .. it was my first interaction with Apple. I liked the touch screen interface. But i was later bummed by the crappy software and the lack of basic phone features as well other features you find on other phones. I mean, for God’s sake .. this phone does not even differentiate between dialed calls and received calls. I can’t even remember any mobile phone that didn’t do that !!!

    It is amazing .. it seems that now the state of the mobile phones is exactly like that of the actual computers a while back. The iPhone has a slick look, and alot of hype and marketing behind it.. but it lacks the basic features you find on other commodity phones. I don’t understand why doesn’t Nokia or Sony Ericsson do the same kinda hype/marketing as Apple does ?!

  3. It is because people are bored of them Nokias and SEs, that’s why. The Sony Ericsson X1 looks awesome though – and it is abbreviated to SE X1 😉 LoL!

    Dunno about the States but here pretty much everything is unlocked and my friend has an iPhone and has so much software on it, it is unbelievable LOL!

  4. Hmm .. i haven’t heard of the new sony erricsoson .. i should look into it.

    As for the iPhone. There are people here that have hacked it to force it to take videos. .. but i haven’t seen many actual applications that fix the actual basic phone features. However to hack it you have to have the old software version installed on it. And as for me, i am actually quite scared that it’ll break on me in the next year so i do not dare to hack it for fear of voiding the warranty.

  5. I have the old iPhone, love it and have found my way around it’s archaic basic apps which you’re very right abt. I do have to admit that my use is heavy on the browser, mediaplayer and pix – and it’s my second phone. Can’t live without my Nokias! the N95 is one hell of a darling!

    I’m one of those who will be a sucker and buy the new iPhone because of my brand attachment. I love all Apple. They just make me tick, and yes I know I’m silly like that, but I figured it’s one of the better petty things to get attached to! It’ll take much more than iPhone glitches for me to lose trust in Apple ;D

    I’ve been reading up on the Google Android OS that will run on some phones. I’m intrigued. I know it’ll be a while, but certainly smtg to look out for.

  6. Arabian Monkey: Yeah, the N95 is a gem, and you’re right; the Apple brand and hype does carry its weight. It’ll probably end up a successful and dominant phone (specially after the price reduction), but i am still very disappointed in the mediocre software and camera.

  7. Miles Edgeworth

    Man, when will people like you finally stop whining about what ultimately is their own fault due to impatience? Did someone force you to buy an iPhone? If you spend half of your college money on a phone, you’re in dire need of a reality check anyway.

  8. lool at the I-Feces coz it’s true, and about the camera thing I guess your right but I as always say no mobile camera would even come close to be compared to a digital camera, so if you want to have some good quality pictures buy a digital camera !!

  9. Miles Edgeworth: I am merely voicing my frustrations, or is it unacceptable now to criticize Apple Inc. ? Yes, i was not impatient and i did not jump to buy the iPhone as soon as it came out. On the contrary, i bought my phone in February, which is about 8 months after it was released. The main idea is that the iPhone was hugely overpriced for its feature set. Apparently Apple agreed too otherwise they wouldn’t have dropped the price only a year after its release.

    Also, what other company can get away with offering a product with a feature set that is less than most of its competitors in the same price range and still create a huge market buzz. Apple does carry a certain hype with its products, and people just love it .. i personally just got sick of this. I mean, come on, a phone that does not tell me exactly when an SMS was received ? isn’t that just a basic feature ?

    I could go on and on .. but i decided to cut it short as it is not likely you’ll read this.

    Shaher: 🙂 thanks. Well yeah, the phone on that device is sub-standard compared to other products in its price range. But that is not my #1 annoyance nowadays. Since the phone relies on a touch-screen interface, the screen gets turned off once you place the phone next to your ear while talking so that you do not interfere with call. However, it turns out that sensor that is supposed to detect proximity to the ear is not very accurate, and it frequently turns the screen back on while i am in the middle of a phone call .. and conveniently enough, my ear touches the “mute” button and i go on with my phone call without the other party hearing me .. it is very annoying… Argh, but what can i say .. i ate the bate already!

  10. Hey there,

    I have to say that I am very happy with Iphone. I must be one of the only ppl in the world who never really got into the whole ipod thing, but i love my phone….. I can do so much with it and its really stylish.. You have to give apple that, they do make very stylish things.

  11. I never got an iphone due to some of the things you’ve mentioned, as well as not wanting to get a touchscreen keyboard. Great post.

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