A Noteworthy Event

I have recently received a comment from a fellow blogger regarding an event geared in response to the whole Dunkin Donuts “terrorist scarf” incident. This upcoming Friday, June the 6th, has been designated the Wear your Kuffiyeh with Pride day. The following nifty banners / profile pictures has also been created by Shaikr for this event:

I think this is a cool event to participate in, specially if you are in the united states. Over 500 people have signed up for this event, and i am adding myself to the list. Are you in ?

  1. The imbeciles!

  2. KJ: Yup! .. sometimes i just can’t believe what passes for journalism on the right-wing channels and blogs.

  3. this is one the greatest ideas..
    put it in my blog and in blog of my friend>>meshwar.wordpress.com


  4. I don’t understand the donut part. am I missing something?

  5. Mohammad Irshid: Thanks for your support.

    Rebellious Arab Girl: Yeah you are right … i added the donut graphic because it looked cute and it was a direct reference to the Dunkin Donuts incident … but now that i think about it .. that graphic does not make a whole alot of sense … so i took it out. Thanks for notifying me about it.

  6. I never wear a keffiyeh, but I did write a post about it today. Thanks for telling us about “Wear your Keffiyeh with pride day.”

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