Crazy Landings & Takeoffs (Must See)

These videos are not new, but they are quite amazing !!! Here they are arranged in order of awesomeness.

This airplane was caught in “cross winds” so that is why it is drifting sideways:

This one has a severe case of cross winds and a bunch of other stuff:

This is just one risky / stupid takeoff

This one catches you by surprise:

Finally, this one is just plain stupid. He is asking for it 🙂

  1. LOL @ the last one. The second video is scary…. Allah yostor. Definitly an unpleasent situation to be in.

  2. Oh my god … the first one is just INSANE! I’ve been in couple like that, I can tell when there’s strong cross wind.
    But the first pilot is one hell of an ace! He really did a text book landing!

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