American Professor Donates Israeli Prize to Palestinians

Professor David Mumford (homepage, wikipedia) is an American mathematician at Brown University. He is also the most recent recipient of the prestigeous Israeli mathematics prize (Wolf Prize). Mumford said on Monday that he is donating his share of that prestigious Israeli mathematics prize to advance the education of Palestinian students.

He decided to donate his money to Bir Zeit University and to an Israeli group that tries to ease Israeli travel restrictions on Palestinian students. The contrast between what goes on in Israel and what goes on in the Palestinian areas is “striking”, with Israelis able “to travel freely to meetings and graduate students going wherever they please,” he said. Adding: “It seems to me in the Palestinian areas, this isn’t the case”.

Thank you Dr. Mumford.

Read more about this story here and here.

  1. There is still good in this world of ours!

  2. 3ala rasi el super nerds !!

  3. cool! imagine how the wold prize people must feel 😀 nice one

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