They want to control what you wear !!

My friend from Jerusalem is coming to visit me this summer. So, i asked him to bring me a Hatta / Kuffiyeh (حطة / كوفية) with him. Kuffiyas are traditionally worn in almost all of the Middle East. They are warm, comfy, and they look good too. So naturally, when i came to the states to study, i brought one with me to keep me warm during the long winter, and to affirm my identity.

Anyway, my kuffiyeh is pretty worn out. So i asked my friend to bring me one with him. Being from Jerusalem, he is allowed to travel from the Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv, and so he did. If you don’t know, Arabs (even Israeli Arabs) are treated to extra searches in that airport, and every item and every bag is inspected at least twice by hand.

So unfortunately, when they saw the kuffiyeh, they decided it was too dangerous to carry on the plane (even though it is just a piece of cloth) and they took it away. I didn’t know that they would do that, but then again, should i be surprised ?! I don’t think so.

Ahh .. so now it seems i will be stuck with my old kuffiyeh. At least it could stand as a testament to the Israeli war on clothing.

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  1. Anything that symbolizes who we are traditionally, religiously, and historically is a threat to them!

  2. I am surprised to read that they took a little piece of scarf!! It is so strange. Hope your friend will never give up and try for next time to bring with him the kufia.:) Never letting the israelis to keep control over us once.

    By the way my cousin who is a doctor and living in the U.S. and he is used to go volunteerly every year to Ramallah to make surgeries for Palestinian children. He always faced every time the same problem when he arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv. The Israelis kept him for several hours at the airport and made very long investigations with him by asking several questions about his family. They asked him for example about the name of his grandfather, grandmother etc. despite he has an American passport. Why? Because he is named Walid XXX an Arabic name 🙂

  3. that’s just retarded on their part.

  4. thats crazy- but to be expected i guess. they should come to the US and see how the kuffeiyh has become ‘fashionable’. kuffeiyh are being sold everywhere – its even causing a fuss on tv:

    in any case, if you do want a kuffiyeh, i believe palestine online store sells them…

  5. Rebellious Arab Girl: Yup. It seems like it.

    Garfan: It is not about that piece of cloth. I know i could have bought one over the internet or from Arabic stores in the states. The idea is that i wanted something i got from Palestine. It has higher sentimental value to me if i bought it from Palestine. It is the same thing with hand-made things.

    Also, regardless of whether i could buy it from here or not .. the whole concept that they would confiscate a piece of cloth is just ridiculous.

    Mona: Yeah they do that. Also, going through Ben Gurion airport is a tremendous hassle if you are an Arab, and specially of Palestinian origin. My American friend who comes from a Palestinian background also faces alot of trouble and interrogation whenever he goes through ben gurion.

    7aki Fadi: Indeed. But are really not to expect that ?! Still .. that does not make it any less retarded. It is just a piece of cloth for god’s sake.

    Falasteenyia: I know what you mean exactly. It is just a piece of cloth !!! and you can get it everywhere !!!

  6. Confiscating a scarf makes no sense! I posted this link on another entry…

    Wear Your Kaffiyeh With Pride Day – Friday June 6th.

    Your old, worn out kaffiyeh will do. 🙂

  7. Bet7eb eb3atlak? My friend is going to the West Bank in a month, I will ask him to get one from there and I will ship it to you if you wish 🙂

    Or I can buy you one from here and send it but I am sure the ones made in Palestine are of special value 😉

  8. iMuslim: Thanks. This is a great event. I’m in. I have added the banner to my site.

    KJ: Thanks, ما تغلب حالك, i can buy a kuffiyeh here in the states. However, my problem is that it is just ridiculous that the Israeli authorities would object to, and confiscate, a piece of cloth.

  9. i support u alhamdulilah.i own and wear a kuffiyah but people are like that is only for palestnians even though i support palestine100%

  10. Is there such a thing as an israeli arab? 😕

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