Blog About Palestine Day – The Harvest

This is the last of my Blog About Palestine Day posts. This Harvest post contains a sample list of more than 70 articles (in 4 languages) contributed to this magnificent event on that solemn day by YOU (or people like you). They are presented in random order:

English Posts:

  1. Hani Obaid: Memories of The Old Country
  2. Mona’s Corner: Tatreez (Cross-stitch Embroidery) : Important Symbol Of Palestinian Culture
  3. Ali: Christians of Palestine & Death March ( & part 2)
  4. Summer’s Life Thoughts: Palestine Remembered- Sixty Years Later
  5. Loolt’s Talking Virtually To Myself: My Daughters Graduation; Location: Yaffa, Palestine
  6. Qwaider’s Memories Documented: Palestine, the bloody tearful eye of the nation
  7. Black Iris: To Palestine: An Apology
  8. Maioush: The Holy Land, this is where I’m from.
  9. Dandoon: 60 years
  10. 7aki Fadi: A Poem for Palestine
  11. za3tar: On Being Palestinian
  12. Al-Falasteenyia: Redefining the Nakba
  13. Al-Ajnabiya’s Climbing Walls: Judaizing East Jerusalem
  14. SimSim’s Own World: We don’t live in Palestine; Palestine lives In Us
  15. Adoosh: On the 60th anniversary
  16. Bruised Earth: The Nakba Continues: 60 Years On
  17. Southern Muslimah: Diaspora
  18. Aaminah Hernandez: Genocide By Any Other Name
  19. Attending The World: Nakba: We will never forget!
  20. Paroles: Palestine, May God change all of this.
  21. Sabeur’s Nekrif: Palestine
  22. The Coffee House’s: Refugee-ism
  23. Oma: 60 years of Tears!
  24. Don’t be sad blog: The origin of the olive tree
  25. Ibrahimo: Al Nakba: Sixty years of Displacement and Occupation of Palestine
  26. Alloush from Syria: Sixty years, our home is stolen !!
  27. Ola’s Cinnamon Zone: Happy Birthday Israel & Mahmoud Darwish and Naji Al-Ali Audio-Visual Collection
  28. Rebellious Arab Girl: I can’t deny who I am. I am part of Palestine.
  29. Roba’s And Far Away: 60
  30. Black Ice: Palestine: Try not to cry…
  31. Iman: To Palestine: With Hope,
  32. Above and Beyond: I Am
  33. 3ammania: Blog About Palestine
  34. 7ala: The Tears of Palestinian Kids
  35. Reflect Upon: Palestine.. I Love You!
  36. Behind Walls: Is It Our Nakba or Theirs ?!
  37. Arabian Monkey Tales: Open Call: Palestine
  38. Grey Fort: A song for the lost
  39. Garfan: فلسطين داري ودرب إنتحاري

Arabic Posts:

  1. رؤى حلا طه: أهم المصطلحات حول احتلال فلسطين منذ 60 عاماً وقيام دولة إسرائيل المزيفة! وهذا فيديو
  2. علوش: ستون عاماً على سرقة وطن
  3. شريف وأحزان شجرة البطاطا: 60
  4. البحر العذب: إستشهاد أم
  5. فتوشة انثى من مطر: آن أن تنصرفوا
  6. خبيزة (محمد القاق): كل عام ونحن منكوبين
  7. ياسمينة : كلمات من داخل 48 : في ذكرى الستين
  8. أنا كده: فلسطين … صباح الخير يا حلوة
  9. علا من غزة: فلسطين التي أسميها وطني
  10. شامي: لفلسطين وحدها
  11. ابن الشمال: عن النكبة
  12. كنان جرجوس (مرطبان العصير): القدس عربية
  13. بلوند (أشقر): عائدون .. في ذكرى النكبة
  14. أحمد بكداش: نزاريات … والنكبة لم تنتهي بعد
  15. نور : سلسلة النكبة واحد ، إثنان ، ثلاثة
  16. أسكدنيا: ستون عاماً والعودة أقرب
  17. بعد الصمت: فلسطين …كالروح ، أغلى ما لدى الأحياء
  18. مبرمج من جرش: نكبتنا ستون عاماً وما زالت مستمرة
  19. المترمد: 60 عاماً وفلسطين باقية
  20. المنفي: فلسطين 60
  21. حر اليدين: ستون عاما … يا فلسطين
  22. كباية شاي: فلسطين … ستون عاما عائدون
  23. محمد أون لاين: 60 عاماً على إغتصاب ابنة عمي
  24. ملاقط عالمنشر: النكبة 60

Other Languages:

  1. Albert’s Salut i república: Nakba , 60 anys d’èxode. (in the Catalan Language!! — i think)
  2. Mudin: Mereka dibunuh, kerana kita membenarkannya! (in the Malay Language!!)

Thank you everybody for your contributions! Many personal stories about first hand experiences of the Nakba were told. Many stories about the Palestinian identity, and living in diaspora were discussed. Many wonderful poems were written. Many first hand present-day accounts were shared. Many visions for the future. It is all because of you, and thanks to you.

I know for a fact that i didn’t/couldn’t list all contributed entries here (simply because it is intractable). If you were not listed and would like to be listed, please let me know.

Finally, to those who were recently introduced to my blog. I hope you stick around after this event. I do blog about various other stuff on a semi sporadic fashion. I will try to keep it interesting, and i hope to see you around. To my dear existing readers, stick around; This new summer season of za3tar’s blog is full of surprises .. who knows what it holds ?!! a mid summer rommantic thrill ? a million dollar give-away ? an adventure with ruthless gangs ? speedy car chases ? more boring nerdy stuff ? some rants ? .. only time will tell. So stick around 🙂

Blog About Palestine Day يوم التدوين عن فلسطين

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  1. Well done Za3tar, excellent effort.

  2. Thanks for your post.
    you forgot to mention Mala2e6’s post :
    in arabic.

    Thanks again

  3. goodness, y36eek el 3afyeh. This is impressing….

  4. يعني أشمّر عن طيزي على شان تحطني بالقائمة؟

  5. Qwaider, Batoul:Thanks.

    Summer: Thank you for notifying me, i have added that link.


    لأ إلا إزا كنت متعود تعمل هيك … بالعادة الطلب بشكل عادي
    بيزبط .. من غير تشمير… وبعدين هاي لسة أول مرة بتترك تعليق عندي .. إستفتحها بالخير يا رجل 🙂 ه

  6. نو بروبلم

  7. Ali Dahmash also posted many subjects about Palestine

    Thanks Za3tar

  8. Mona: Thank you. I have added him to the list.

    Rebellious Arab Girl: Thank you.

  9. I just created this event on Facebook, in response to the ridiculousness of the Rachel Ray ad being pulled by Dunkin’ Donuts:

    Wear Your Kaffiyeh With Pride Day – Friday June 6th

    If you think it is worth promoting, then I would appreciate your help… I’m but a small fish in a big pond. 🙂

  10. iMuslim: This is a noteworthy event, thanks for sharing. I will plug it on my blog as well.

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