Blog About Palestine Day — Blogs List (The Seeds)

Tomorrow is Blog About Palestine Day. So far, the response has been truly amazing. This event was kicked off exactly two weeks ago (on May 1st), and yet so far more than 200 people are known to have signed up for the event. The event got picked up and reported on by the “Global Voices Online” as well as “Now Public“. Mainstream media outlets such as the BBC World and AlJazeera English have also been contacted. Blog aggregators such as the Qwaider Planet and Dwwen have supported the initiative and advertised about it to their readers. The Facebook event also has about 150 people who have signed up for it (and growing).

Here is a short list of blogs (that i know about) that have signed up for this event. This list is absolutely in no particular order, This list is absolutely not all-inclusive, if your blog has not been listed here, please let me know so that i can add it.

These are some of the seeds, tomorrow will be the blossom, and after that i will try to compile a harvest list of the articles.

This is shaping up to be one truly spectacular event. I am anxious to see and read all your articles. Coming to think about it, with this massive number of contributers, we are almost writing an entire book in that day. This is amazing. Think of the awareness we will be raising about the Palestine and the Palestinians in just one day.

As a general tip, please use creative titles for your articles. Try not to stick to “Blog About Palestine Day”. Also, to ease the harvesting, please include a link/track-back to the original call as well as one of the event’s buttons in your post (so to aid future readers).

Thank you all for your help and support. See you on the 15th.

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  1. Excellent work Za3tar, this is going to be a day to remember.
    Let’s light another candle…

  2. Qwaider: Thank you for your support.

  3. يا 100 أهلاً وسهلاً بعلوش وكتاباته الرائعة

  4. We won’t be writing our own entry, but hope to promote a selection of the best ones from the day, insha’Allah. 🙂

  5. salamo 3alikom
    i’m with u in this day

  6. and me too za3tar i will write 😉
    i sent a msg to ur email and some new pics

  7. amazing work, ya3terek alf 3afyeh, i was supposed to do so many things to support you guys as much as i can, bs with the new work and all.. same7ni, bs i will go write something RIGHT NOW! 🙂 ya3teeke l 3afyeh again you did an amazing job 🙂

  8. I also blogged about Palestine in my blog
    come and see that on my blog


  9. Good idea Za3tar, Im in 🙂

  10. Hey Za3tar…
    That’s my post if you want to add it…
    Palestine… I love you!

  11. Ah hayni l2eet 7aly 😀

    daiman badawwer 3ala esmy “7ala” 😛

    Thanks, I will provide you inshallah with all the Jeeran blogs links participating in this day 🙂

  12. here is my link Za3tar,
    Blog About Palestine:

  13. good job , inshallah etkon khetweh 2ola la mazeed men el 3amal.

    Allah bless palestine

  14. No Za3tar, it is YOU who we should thank, for taking the initiative! I always believed that bloggers will be the leaders of tomorrow – we are the new media and it is our responsibility to make the public aware 🙂

    My article is up, written in Arabic – which is extremely rare if you have been to my site 🙂

    God bless! Looking forward to read everyone’s posts 🙂

    I believe they should all be compiled as you suggested and be sent to the press or some media for everyone to see.

  15. I have been writing about Palestine for the past week or so. Just a tid bits of history, who I am, and where I am now in the world.

    Thanks for collecting all the blogs that participated. I think as Palestinians we are obligated to write about it!

  16. I posted something on my blog too

  17. Waiting for your za3tar 🙂

  18. I am having such a hard time leaving a comment on your blog!

  19. رغم ان عندى امتحانات الا انى لم استطيع منع نفسي من المشاركة في هذا
    اليوم بالكتابه في مدونتي فالتضحية بساعتين من وقت المذاكرة
    هى تضحية صغيرة جدا نسعى ان نضحي بأكثر منها
    لن ننسي الارض ولا الشهداء و لا الاسرى
    عنوان المشاركة
    60 عاما و فلسطين باقية

  20. Yalla Za3tar
    Where is your post about Palestine?

  21. I am really happy to part of this today … I wanted to write my post in arabic but I thought In english more people in the world can read it, and know more about our amazing country and a little bet about the truth

    Good job za3tar 🙂

  22. Everyone: Thank you all for your support. I am still finishing my final exams, so things got a little slow. But i will be reading every single one of your posts soon after.

    Iman, Mona: Sorry for the delay, my post is up now.

  23. have you seen this?

    great job coordinating this by the way. i’ve written about the nakba as well if you want to add me to the list:

  24. كل عام ونحن منكوبين

  25. I have also listed a few of blog entries on this topic at my blog. But mostly written in Malay. You can view it here:


  26. I want to thank Everyone who joined in to add something for Palestine on their blogs and websites. I have been on a long journey over the internet reading the various articles posted.

    Bloggers Unite for human rights had bloggers blogging on the same day. Just maybe that event was planned to happen on the same day because they had Palestine in mind, because where else in the world is so many human rights abuses happening along with everything else to the whole population if not Palestine.

    I posted about this event as well was posting about Nakba with various articles and videos

    Palestine Video blog

    As well I posted on my other blogs as well

  27. Hmm, so where is my blog link:(
    I also have one blog about Palestine blog day..

    saQa6 sahwan :p

  28. Do you mind to post some more information about this ?…

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