Possible Blog About Palestine Day Topics

The 15th of May is rapidly approaching, and the blogosphere’s reaction has been truly overwhelming. Many wonderful people have signed up for the event, and i am sure many more will soon join us.

For now, i would like to publish a “definitely-not-inclusive” list of possible topics to talk about on the 15th for those who are still undecided what to write. This list is absolutely not inclusive (as you are free to write whatever you want), and i would really like to hear any other suggestions you might have and want to share.

Without further adue, here is the small list:

  • Personal experiences of your parents/grandparents during the Nakba.
  • Your home town/village.
  • Growing up as a Palestinian outside Palestine.
  • History of Palestine during the 20th century.
  • Palestinian dresses and knitting patterns (tatreez تطريز)
  • Daily life experiences of ordinary Palestinians (possibly YOU).
  • The Israeli separation barrier.
  • Historical monuments in Palestine (such as the Roman ruins in Sebastia, Hisham’s Palace in Jericho, Old City in Jerusalem ..etc).
  • Life of Arabs in Israel.
  • Being Palestinian in this global age/world.
  • Reflections on the media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (specially western media)
  • Current Events
  • The Fatah/Hamas divide
  • How can a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be attained.
  • The portrayal of Palestinians in movies/media.
  • Prominent Palestinian figures.

Other (non-traditional) topics:

  • Palestinian Cuisine (humm .. Mahashee, Makloobeh, Msakhan, Kidreh, Wara2 Dawali, Mana2eesh, ..etc yummy yummy)
  • Art in Palestine
  • Culture in Palestine
  • Technology in Palestine
  • Working in Palestine

Of course, this is just a small subset of the topics that you could talk about. Any other suggestions or additions are highly welcomed.

I think it is safe to say that everybody is anxious to see and read all the wonderful articles that will be written on the 15h. See you then!

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  1. My grandparents, who the violent barbaric Arabs tried to murder, fought back and helped overcome them- with Allah’s help.

    Measure for measure: The Arabs wanted to destroy the Jews, and in the end, they themselves were destroyed.

    עם ישראל חי!

  2. That was very very helpful thanks man 🙂

  3. Excellent Za3tar, we will be there

    “Mafish Falstin”
    Keep on dreaming. The old might have died, but the new didn’t and will never forget. We will be back, even after 5000 years from now. We will be back.

  4. Mafish,: Are you done spreading hate speech? Let me know when you become interested in real dialog and civilized discourse.

  5. Maioush:: Thank you.

    Qwaider: Thank you. See you then my friend.

  6. Hate speech is what your people say about the Jews.

    The potential for dialog and civilized discourse ended when your people chose war instead.

    Now is the time for your people to pay for that.

  7. Great ideas ya Za3tar!

  8. Thanks, I wanted to participate, but knew very little about the Nakbah period. After reading your suggestions, I now have mine already written.

  9. Can non-Arab and non-Jewish Americans comment here, or blog here? I only know about the Nakba from what I’ve read, and I’ve never been to Palestine or the Middle East, but I can relate how an ordinary American became convinced, at age sixty-plus, that what he thought he knew about the Arab-Israeli conflict and the history of Palestine over the last sixty years was all wrong.

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