Blog About Palestine Day

***UPDATE #1:*** A Facebook event for this initiative has been created. Please join the event and pass the message on to your friends (more info here).

***UPDATE #2:*** A list of possible topics to write about can be found (here and here).

***UPDATE #3:*** A small list of bloggers who are participating in the event is published here.

***UPDATE #4:*** A sample harvest list of blog posts contributed to this event has been published here.

Dear all,

May 15th of this year is the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba –which marked the beginning of the modern age Palestinian plight and suffering. This date is remembered annually on local, regional, and global levels.

I am certain that many in the blogosphere will dedicate some posts to commemorate this tragic event. However, inspired by the success of the “Blog About Jordan Day” initiative, i would like to start a formal initiative to encourage everybody to dedicate one post on Thursday, May 15th, to talk about Palestine or the Palestinian Experience.

There are no restrictions on what you can write, or the language that you can use. Really, anything that talks about Palestine, or the Palestinians; in the past, present, or future; political, social, economical, or any other aspect is welcomed. The goal of this event will be to share thoughts, and raise awareness about the Palestinian situation. Hopefully, with everyone’s support, this will be such a spectacular event that it will catch the eye of the mainstream media (specially that the Palestinian situation is inadequately and incorrectly represented in most of the western media outlets).

Blog About Palestine Day


  • Do I have to be Palestinian / Arab to participate ?
    No, everybody is welcomed to join in on this effort.
  • Does it have to represent the Palestinian point of view (or be a positive article) ?
    No, you are free, and encouraged, to write whatever you want.
  • Does it have to be about the Nakba precisely ?
    No, you can talk about the history of the Palestinian plight, current internal and external affairs, or outlooks for possible future resolutions to this conflict and how do you think can we achieve and maintain peace.
  • Does it have to be a political article ?
    No, you are free to talk about any aspect of the Palestinian life inside and outside Palestine. You are free to talk about whatever you want.

I would appreciate it if you could help me spread the word about this event. For your convenience, i have created some simple counters and banners for this event. You can find their code below:

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

**UPDATE:** Thanks to Qwaider for mentioning that blogs *hosted* on (and possibly other engines) might face some trouble embedding JavaScript code as is done above. If this is the case for you, you can use the following image banners below:

Blog About Palestine Day
Blog About Palestine Day
Blog About Palestine Day
Blog About Palestine Day
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  4. I’m so in .. Palestine is all arabs/muslims homeland …

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  6. لقاؤنا غداً يا عزيزي زعتر :))) ان شاء الله
    شكرا بجد ع الفكرة الروووووعة

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  10. I’m in inshaAllah!

  11. بالتأكيد لنا شرف المشاركة … جزاك الله عن أمة الإسلام كل خير … صديقتك نوّارة الجيران … نور الشام

  12. I’m a friend of Palestine in England. In thinking what we can do to support Palestine, we often focus on the negative – what we can say or do against Israel and its supporters. However, I’m convinced we need to devote our energies instead to positive things, on things that will make life better for Palestine. I also think we cannot wait for the world to come to the aid of Palestine. To my mind, the best way to mark this sad anniversary would be for Palestinians and their friends to put aside any differences and unite in the common cause of creating a great home for future generations.

  13. I am late but hopefully not too late, today is the event and i will try to write and contribute with whatever I can…

  14. - trackback on May 15, 2008 at 3:50 pm
  15. israel is in danger. 60 years and we are still more strong in our pursuit of our National rights. israel is scared. They have pressured so many head of states to attend their so called independence? Independence from whom? The Palestinians never fought the Jews. The Europeans who kicked the Jews out. In return the ZIONIST Jews , through criminal ways, ethnic cleansed the Palestinians.
    Yes israel is running scared. Why do you think they are building walls? Why they are to this day SEEKING recognition of the occupied?
    Remember the Palestinians are the Key holders of PEACE. We will say it out loud: WE’LL NEVER FORGET.

    Mark you calendar for May 23-25 where we assert the Palestinian National rights. We will say it loud that we will never forget. Palestinians are the Key holders of peace. Join the thousands and strengthen the network of the thousands of activists. Express your opinion and let the many panelists know of where Palestine should go. Support our efforts to empower our community and assert the Palestinians right of return. Join the many Palestinian Americans and their supporters in Chicago commemorating the 60th year of the forced exile of the Palestinian people. Be pro active, ask questions to the Panelists and discuss the current event. We must empower ourselves and make a strong network for Justice, Peace and Freedom. Enough talks, Register NOW

    Check it out

  16. نعم إن إسراءيل في خطر. بعد ستون عاما مازال الفلسطينيون اكثر تمسكا بحقوقهم واكثر صلابة في موقفهم رغم الضغوط والقتل والتدمير. رغم العيشة الصعبة في مخيمات التعاسة والشقاء لكنهم أكثر عندا على حق العودة.
    نحن نعيش كما تعلموا أعزاءي, الذكرى ال 60 للنكبه وتشريد مءات الآلآف من شعبنا في مخيمات الشقاء والتعاسة.
    سوف يقوم إخوانكم في شيكاغو خاصة وفي الولايات المتحدة عامة بعقد مؤتمر شعبي عام في 23 ـ 25 مايو أيار 2008 نعبر في هذا المؤتمر عن دعمنا التام لشعبنا في فلسطين وتمسكنا التام بجميع الحقوق والثوابت الفلسطينية في حق العودة وتقرير المصير وإقامة الدولة الفلسطينية ذات السيادة وعاصمتها القدس الشريف.

    للمزيد من المعلومات انقروا على هذا الرابط

    نرجوا أحباءي ان تبعثوا هذا الرابط إلى جميع معارفكم في أمريكا ليتمكنوا من الحضور والمشاركة. ودمتم لنا سالمين

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  18. John Sears: I agree with you. This event was started in that spirit.

  19. have you seen this?

    great job coordinating this by the way!

  20. ثمانية عشر من الجماعات والمنظمات الإرهابية اليهودية العاملة من أجل هدم المسجد الأقصى المبارك

    هي السنة الستون لي منها اربعون
    فلسطين فيها النار و شهيد مدفون
    الأقصى ينادي والكل عنه معرضون
    انها امي و كلها حب وصدر حنون
    والأقصى مسجدي و لو كره المغتصبون
    أولادي في البستان كأنهم شقائق النعمان
    سامحيني فانا في حبي لك مسجون
    لكني لك وحدك اقسم اني بحبك مجنون
    اشهد الله لأن يكون لي في الاقصى كتاب مكنون
    إن لن يكن لي فهو لهمام…
    [اقرأ المزيد]

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  24. Thanks for starting this za3tar. Here is my contribution –> refugee-ism

  25. MAFISH FALASTIN, listen buddy, the only lie is your freaking made up holocaust. To think the Jewish population in the 40’s was only 17 million and supposedly Hitler killed 6 million which leaves 11 million and today you guys are only 14.5 million, how the hell is that possible?? You guys have only added 3 million peole in 60 years??

    See the lie??

    Also, for a nation(Isreal) that claims all the horrors Germany did, you guys are sure experts in inflicting those same horrors on the Palestinian people. Makes me wonder if it wasn’t the jews magination that created all that so called “holocaust” because you sure have mastered the Nazi techniques.

    The whole holocaust was a sham for the World to support the attack and invasion of Germany(kinda like the fake stories to attack Iraq, rings a bell??) And you guys are still sucking money for a lie you created 60 years ago, shame on you and your people.

    So why don’t you crawl back into the gutter you crawled out of .

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  27. I only knew about this yesterday (15th of may 2008), so I was late, but alhamdullellah i was able to contribute in a post, although i wish i have heard about it earlier, but za3tar you are great for starting this, really ….

    I mainly wrote about my dad’s experience in alnaksa, while writing this multimillions of feelings rushed in me within seconds, it made realize how we should blog about palestine everyday….

    Al Nakba: Sixty years of Displacement and Occupation of Palestine [Blog About Palestine Day]

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  29. How about starting the return of Palestinians, by starting voter registration of refugees/diaspora, linking registration to their ancestral villages/towns? Also asking Palestinian politicans for a date when they will start voter registration? 2 million+ voters. Maybe Palestinian journalists could ask politicians when they will start voter registration. It’s positive, pro-democracy and self-help. The West Bank and gaza registration was done over 10 weeks on the ’90s – time for ‘All-Palesrinian’ elections?
    For ideas:

  30. I’d like to invite every Palestinian to put down your arms, and invest in building schools, hospitals, research institutions, agricultural institutions and other aspect of infrastructure that can benefit your people, rather than investing in hate and destruction. The Arab world was once so well known for mastery in science and astronomy. Give a new legacy to your children – educate them to create peace in the world.

    Shalom, Salaam, Peace.

  31. Suzie: Thanks for the suggestion. However, your statement implies that all Palestinians are engaged in armed fighting. The reality is that only the minority of Palestinians are armed, and of those, the minority is fighting the Israelis. You are making the invalid assumption that all Palestinians are armed and dangerous. Please take a closer look and see how it really is.

    You are saying that we should invest in building schools, hospitals, infrastructure ..etc. Believe me, we all want to, and have done that given what we can. But i am not sure if you know this, the Palestinian economy has been crippled due to the Israeli restrictions on movement, on transporting goods, on importing material and equipment, and many other things. Israel’s actions during the past few years have destroyed the Palestinian infrastructure, and their blockade is slowing down the recovery.

    You implied that the Palestinians are investing their money in “hate and destruction”. I beg you to show me a proof. Isreali’s and Americans have been claiming that the “Palestinian textbooks preach hatred”. I was educated on these textbooks, so i experienced them first hand, and i know that these claims are nothing short of mythical. Not only that, but there was also an independent European investigation team that studied these textbooks and debunked that myth. Plus, no propaganda, or textbooks could ever be more powerful than what people see with their own eyes. The Israeli aggression is just too big to go unnoticed in those lands. So the notion that Palestinians are “investing in hate and destruction” is just absurd.

    Suzie, i understand that in your comment you probably only meant to ask for peace. I understand. This is also what i am calling for. This is what many Palestinians are calling for. However, we are the weak side here, and if peace were to be brokered in the middle east, the international community has to be involved. I, and all the other contributors, are just voicing the concerns of the Palestinian people.

    Finally, i encourage you to investigate a bit more about the balance of power in the region, and what is actually taking place on the ground. The claim that Palestinians are mostly armed and are investing in hate and destruction is just flat out not true.

  32. LOng live Palistine,
    Free Ghods(BAIT AL MAGHDAS)

  33. long live palistine’
    free Ghods(Bait-Al-Maghdas)

  34. Mafish falastin,

    yo should really read the JEWS bible and you’ll see that they have maps on their bible with the PALESTINE name on it. since the jews bible is the 1st one, you check it out!

  35. قصيدة بمناسبة الذكرى الستين لنكبة فلسطين
    للشاعر والاكاديمي
    الفلسطيني الكبير
    د. أحمد حسن المقدسي
    ( خاص بعرب تايمز)

    ستون عاما ً والزعيم ُ زعيم ُ والعين ُ تبكي .. والفؤاد ُ كَليْم ُ
    ستون َ عاما ً والخيام ُ هي الخيام ولم ْ يزل ْ شَبَح ُ الرحيل ِ يحوم ُ
    ستون َ عاما ً والشعوب ُ مَطِيَّة ٌ وعلى خوازيق ِ الزعيم تقيْم ُ

    باضت ْ دجاجات ُ الخيانة ِ كُلها
    وتراكمت ْ فوق الكُلوم ِ كلوم ُ

    نبكي على وطن ٍ تضاءل َ فانتهى
    ” لِسُلَيْطَة ٍ ” فوق َ النعوش ِ تعوم ُ

    وهناك َ بِلْفور ٌ صغير ٌ بيننا
    مُتَصهْيِن ٌ .. مَشروعُه ُ التقْسيم ُ

    ستون َ عاما ً والخيام قِباب ُ حُزْن ٍ فوقنا .. والذكريات ُ جَحيم ُ
    وَدَمي تبعثَر َ في المَنافي كـلها ” ظلما ً ” فلا جُرْم ٌ ولا تجريم ُ

    ستون عاما ً والزعيم ُ مُصِيْبة ٌ
    سَهْم ٌ بخاصرة ِ الورى مَسموم ُ

    فعلى يديه ِ تناسَلَت ْ نَكباتنا
    رَب ُّ الفَرار ِ .. وسيفه ُ مَثـــلوم ُ

    ستون َ عاما ً والزعيم ُ ضياعُنا
    وخَرابُنا .. ولُهاثــــا المَحْمــــوم ُ

    ستون َ عاما ً والزعيم ُ شِعارُه ُ
    إخْدم ْ عدوَّك َ فا لعُروش ُ تدوم ُ

    ستون َ عاما ً والزعيم ُ مُؤَلــــه ٌ
    “عرْشا ً” على جُثث ِ الشعوب ِ يُقيم ُ

    دولا ً أرى أم حاضنات ِ خيانة ٍ
    حُكما ً بحُضن ِ الغاصبين َ تروم ُ

    يا ويحنا كيف َ اسْتَحَلْنا أمة ً يحمي حِماها فاجر ٌ وزَنيــــم ُ
    رُحْماك ِ يا أرض َ المنافي إننا بَشَر ٌ على وقْع ِ الجراح ِ نَهيم ُ


    يا ايها الوطن ُ المهاجر ُ في
    شراييني وفي جوف الصدور ِ مقيم ُ

    هذي بلاد ٌ لا يباع ُ ترابُهــــا
    كلا ، ولا الدَّحنون ُ والقَيْصُوم ُ

    يا أيها الوطن ُ المقدّ س ُ ما لنا
    إلاك في كل ِّ البلاد ِ نعيــــم ُ

    الكون ُ بَعْدَك َ لا يُساوي جَزْمَة ً
    حتى فراديس ُ الإله ِ جحيـــم ُ


    يا شعبي َ الجبا ر َ إنك َ طائر ُ العَنقاء ِ مِن ْ تحت ِ الرماد ِ يقوم ُ
    لا وَعْــد ُ بوش ٍ سوف يُسْقط ُ حَقَنــا ولا ” بِلـْفوره ” المشؤوم ُ
    دَع ْ عنك َ خِصيا ن َ العروبة ِ بعدما تَرَكوك َ وحدَ ك َ في الضياع ِ تعوم ُ
    دَع ْ عنك َ أشباه َ الرجال ِ فإنهم صِنـْــو العد و ِّ .. وأمرُهم محسوم ُ

    خــَـذ َلوك َ إن ْ آذ َنت َ نَصْرا ً مرة ً
    وَطَغى على تلك الجوه ِ وُجوم ُ

    حُكـــم ُ الشُّعوب ِ أمانة ٌ لا يستطيع ُ
    أداءَها مُتَقاعس ٌ مهـــــزوم ُ


    يا حادِي َ الرُّكبان عَر ِّج ْ ههنـــــا يُنبيْك َ مِن قَصَص ِ العَبيْد ِ حَكيم ُ
    مُرْخا ن ُ قدَّم َ لليهود ِ ولاءَ ه وعلى الولا ء ِ طَوابِع ٌ ورسوم ُ
    ” وابن ُ النبي ِّ ” يبيعُنا ووريثــُه ِ فهُيامُهم بالغاصبين َ قديـــــم ُ
    هي َ أسْــرَة ٌ عاشت ْ على ثَدْي الخيانة ِ عُمْـرَها وضميرُها ” مَرْحوم ُ ”
    وَرَثوا الخيانة َ كابرا ً عن كابــر ٍ والكُــل ُّ مِــن ْ ثدي الخَــنا مفطوم ُ

    وهناك كافور ٌ يُهنِّــىء ُ قاتِــلي
    ذ ل ُّ العَبيــد ِ ، وطبْـعُهم مفهــــوم ُ

    لا تَأمنن َّ لِغدْ ره ِ فالعَبْــد ُ فــي
    سُـــــوْ ق ِ النخا سة ِ سِعـرُه ُ مَعْلوم ُ

    عَتــَبي على شعب ِ الكِنا نـة ِ كيف َ
    أضحى جُـثــــة ً ، وتــَسَيَّد َ المأ زوم ُ


    في النكبة ِ السِّـتيـن أبصِــر ُ د ولــة ً وبِــرغم ِ أنف ِ المُعْـتدي ســتـقوم ُ
    في ذات ِ يوم ٍ تـنـتهي الأ كذوبـــــة ُ الكُبرى ويرحـل ُ مِـسْخـُها المزعوم ُ
    ويعــود ُ كـل ُّ اللاجئيـن َ لأرضِــهـم ْ وَسَــتَـزْدَهي با لإنتصا ر ِ تــُخــو م ُ

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  38. Awesome idea. I`m in 😉

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