Gandhi’s Quote of the day

This is such a great quote:

First They Ignore You…
Then They Laugh At You…
Then They Fight You…
Then You Win.

Mohandas Gandhi

Isn’t this such a great quote! Anyway, along with this, here are is a collection of quotes that we now consider ridiculous:

  1. The telephone has too many shortcomings to be serious considered as a means of communication.
    [Western Union 1876]
  2. Everything that can be invented has been invented.
    [U.S. Patent Commissioner, 1899]
  3. The phonograph has no commercial value at all.
    [Thomas Edison 1881]
  4. The radio craze will die out in time.
    [Thomas Edison 1922]
  5. The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development.
    [Scientific America 1909]
  6. Man will not fly for fifty years.
    [Orville Wright 1901]
  7. A rocket will never leave the Earth’s atmosphere.
    [New York Times 1936]
  8. There is a world market for maybe five computers.
    [IBM’s Thomas Watson 1943]

This post’s contents were actually all taken from this commercial 🙂

  1. You know, Thomas Edison has been one of the worlds historical assholes of all times!

    By the way, Bill Gates didn’t say that, but the Linux folks can’t pass such an opportunity with out … you know .. mentioning it.

    As for Linux! It’s still a piece of crap for the desktops.. By the time it’s going to be ready for mainstream, I think most people will be running Mac 🙂

    Poor Linux .. 🙂

  2. Qwaider: I actually didn’t know that about Edison.

    As for Gates’ 640K quote, i actually checked checked online, and you are right, it is a misattribution. That is why i didn’t put it up in my list (as much as i would have liked to).

    Finally, as for linux, it is actually much better than one would think. Just check out the latest version of SuSE or Ubuntu, they work like a gem.

  3. I dont know if any big company would use Windows and feel safe, I worked with four institutes in Germany and only once I saw them depending on windows. its too risky to depend on windows.

    The best choice we are using lately is having a SuSe (which is really user-friendly) with a virtual machine (wmware) playing windows (for programs that need windows). This is the safest most relaxing option I found. and Ya SuSe is great.

  4. MD: Yeah … SuSE is one of the best distros i’ve seen, and i love it (as evident from this site 🙂 ). Very user friendly, very innovative, stable, and powerful.

  5. Interestingly amusing quotes–thank you for sharing. The one I liked in particular was: There is a world market for maybe five computers.

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