Have you ever felt the *NEED* and the *WANT* for an adrenaline rush ? If so, what do you do satisfy that desire ? I am really interested in what you have to say.

As for me, i usually try to satisfy that by playing a contact sport, or going to a relatively empty highway and driving fast (hopefully without getting a speeding ticket). Unfortunately, due to the “nice” weather i’ve been seeing here so far, my first option is virtually impossible. On top of that, since i relocated, the only “highways” near me are one-lane streets that make their way through woods, and i *really* don’t want to risk hitting a deer (thus rendering my car virtually useless).

Argh, the only excitement i’ve been exhibiting lately is either by writing an exquisite piece of code (sad, i know), or by making some nice progress on my research. Ahhh, that could be considered pathetic. So there is some excitement, i am working on a nice little interface enhancement for blog aggregators like qwaider planet, as well as another really exciting web application. But still, an extra boost of adrenaline couldn’t hurt (at least i think so).

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  1. Well I get mine by speeding! And no not on the highway, but inside the city, I sometimes drive madly! Not so proud of it though.

  2. I get hyped up by driving on the hwy. and getting tickets didn’t make me stop. it just made the occasional over speeding a lot more fun….
    I get hyped up driving downtown on Yonge St. at night…every time is like the first time to me

  3. and standing near by the subway when it arrives to the station

  4. That would be a cool idea .. :). Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help

  5. about the bad ADRENALINE i get plenty of times of war in gaza !
    and about the good ADRENALINE i get it from video games….but not always it get good !

  6. get married :p

  7. Jasim: Yeah, speeding seems like the common way to get a jolt of adrenaline in this modern urban age. Although, it is a bit harder for me to speed in the city.

    Dandoon: Hmm … just don’t risk it and jump at the train when it approaches … i think that’s way too much adrenaline 🙂

    Qwaider: Yeah, i will definitely contact you once the code is done. Unfortunately the progress is slow since i am swamped with school stuff now.

    Sharifo: I agree, i bet that most Palestinians (specially Gazans) back in Palestine do not share this craving for adrenaline since they get plenty of it on a daily basis. Luckily, back in Ramallah we didn’t get nearly as much “bad adrenaline” as you in Gaza.

    Jad: wow … that’s extreme 🙂

  8. I jump on my cross trainer, headset on, play some music at maximum volume and think of random things

  9. Even though I am a programmer I never actually get a programmer’s rush LOL! As you can see I am nonchalant enough to not host and design my own blog 😀

    So good thing for you!

    In my hands is a skydiving voucher I received this morning (thank you 104.8 FM!!!). Wanna come 😉

  10. Ola: hmm .. that might solution.

    KJ: Ahhh .. i haven’t had that rush in a month 🙁 .. i have been extremely lazy for the past month .. so i hope my momentum picks up 🙂 .. as for the blog .. i really did nothing other than set up wordpress .. i used somebody else’s theme with very very minor modifications.

    As for skydiving … thanks but i am honestly too scared to ever do that 🙂

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