Awesome Commercial

This TV ad is really awesome, you have to see it 🙂

Haha .. my favorite line is:

This is the Golden Butterball; 28 inch string, silk, real smooth action.

Here is another one from this series:

More of them here.

  1. The first commercial is really really lame. I just had this conversation with morning with my bro. Mountain Due had much cooler commercials when they started.
    But hey, the finally made diet mountain due…thats AWSOME

  2. lame ? you’re the second person i’ve seen to not like it. I actually enjoy watching that commercial whenever it comes on tv. However, i actually don’t care much about the diet dew as i rarely drink dew in general.

  3. hahaha this is hilarious!!! I WANT A YO-YO! 🙁 lol I loved THEM, they’re amazing, so funny!! lol

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