Current age … in years

I was just filling out this graduate school survey when i was confronted with this nifty little question:

Current age in years

ya3ni seriously, did you really have to specify the unit of measure for this question ? Is it likely that someone will answer you in a unit other years? “well, i am about 280 months old”. Age in months is of course acceptable for babies, but i think that if you are in you’re twenty’s and you’re still measuring your age in months, then something is wrong here. How about i answer them in metric time units just out of spite 🙂 that’ll be something.

  1. Loool. 😀

    Well yeah, my age is 0.0000253 light years. 😀

  2. LOL!

    be5afo t5arbet 😛

    and Jasim , light years measure distance !

  3. i am actually 599 581 594 seconds old :S, but most ppl know their ages in seconds 😛

  4. That is actually quite funny! Interesting application 🙂

  5. I’m 16000000+ seconds old!

  6. You can easily convert it to time units. All you have to do is.. Uhm.. Look I’m really tired and sleepy, so good night. 😀

  7. yea , I think we first convert to meters then find the time needed to travel these meters from the equation relating the speed of light to time and distance ! bas still, it is a unit of distance and not time !

  8. You actually can not convert light years to any time unit. Even with the procedure you mentioned before, the time needed for light to travel that distance is 1 year by the definition of “light year” :-).

    It’s the same thing as talking about converting meters to minutes, .. it doesn’t work (unless you have a constant speed in your mind, then you talk about the time it takes to cover that distance, but this is not general).

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