If this picture doesn’t make you fall down and cry …

then i don’t know what will.

Gaza Child Victim

… in the news

  1. Ya ellahi… too strong for words.

  2. This is crazy… it’s just too much for anyone, anyone at all

  3. Dear Falastini

    Palestinian need to start a new wave of non violent protest that has not been done anywhere else in the world. Palestinian live in the largest jail on this earth and yet we in the west don’t see it. it is about time that Palestinians wear prison uniforms namely pyjamas and walk the streets and go to work and to schools wearing the pyjamas. let the world see the real jail and the prisoners in Palestine. let the Isreali occupation army appear as jailers and not an army of a democratic state as they try to tell us here in the West.

    put the pyjamas on and tell the world about the suffering of the Paletinian people in the Israeli jail. try it and you will see how the world will react in support when they start to see the real picture of the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Israeli jail.

    do it for your children and for your future as a people. put the pyjamas on. the pyjamas will do what the rockets can’t do.

  4. What a terrorism is this………

  5. so sad… israel is the real terrorism, I always pray for palestine victim.

  6. roberto caroppo

    An other slaughter completed from people who have endured the Holocaust. This is inconceivable as the calm sleeps of the minister Zibi Livni , under the eyes distracted of the international community. Shame!

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