Wikimedia Commons 2007 Picture of the Year

This amazing picture of the Broadway Tower in Cotswolds England is the winner of the Wikimedia Commons picture of the year award for 2007. Stunning picture isn’t it 🙂

Broadway Tower

Here is another picture of this amazing tower:

Broadway Tower 2

Picture of the year finalists are here.

  1. Beautiful… the other pictures are no less breath-taking too!

  2. You know after going through the pictures again, I don’t know whay this one has won! I mean it’s absolutely beautiful but there are otehr pictures that look no less beautiful but they are more unique and eccentric

  3. Yeah i totally understand what you’re saying. The other pictures are AT LEAST as equally stunning as the winner, but the voters seemed to like that one the best.

  4. Those two pictures remind me of Fairouz’s song..Ad elba7r
    I mean probably the woman next to the tower was singing; shayef el samaaaa sho b3eeeede

  5. The tower is beautiful. It really looks like it was cut out of a whole castle.

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