The Value of A Dinar in Winter

The events of this little article by Ola probably happened over the course of 2~3 minutes. But it is really moving. You should definitely read it.

“This weather loves hot chocolate with marshmallows!” That was the message I sent my friend as I sat in the car waiting for my father, cuddled up in the warmest clothes I have and yet feeling my feet freezing.

Drifted away in thoughts, I was brought back to reality by the sight of a little boy, around 9 or 10, approaching a woman who was getting in to her car. The woman reached out to her purse and gave him some coins, although I didn’t see him begging. Obviously, he didn’t need to. He was wearing a jersey with no jacket on, the kind of attire that won’t make you warm enough for an average winter day. The jersey was soaked in the chilly melting ice, the sleeves pulled over his hands, his lips quivering and his eyes drooping in the cold.

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  1. If I only can meet ‘them’ who wouldn’t let him go home before he earns a dinar…
    But then again, there is the possibility that he is ordered to tell the story over and over even if he earned the dinar!

  2. Yeh i have already read this article in 7iber, jad bet7azzen 🙁

    I love Ola’s writing style, it’s so touchy and real!

  3. Thanks for spreading this za3tar!

    7ala: 🙂 it’s the story itself that is touchy and real

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