Roadtrip to Grad School

Open Road


Snowy Highway


The Bridge


Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls

  1. nothing beats the open road on a sunny day…
    I know when the horse shoe waterfall is on your right side, that means you were on the North side of the border when you took the photo.

  2. hi.. where was this photo taken on? where r u studying & what ?/?/?

  3. Hi Orsan,

    These pictures were taken in multiple locations; mostly on the highways between Illinois and New York in the United States. The Niagara Falls pictures were taken on the Canadian side. I am studying Computer Science Engineering there.

  4. Heey! how’r u doing
    I find your blog very interesting.
    I graduated Computer Science several years ago & now looking for a good school to complete my master ! Canada is one of the option. If you can help me in this issue I’ll be grateful.

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