The half-blind news

I have always witnessed bias in media (nothing new here). However, it still manages to shock me as to how biased can they manage to be. I just watched a news segment by ABC news covering Bush’s visit to the region. What shocked me the most is that at the end of the segment they casually said that rockets fired from Gaza continue to hit Israeli towns (during Bush’s visit).

That sentence ended right there, and then they moved on to another topic. No mention what so ever about what Israel has been doing in Gaza and the West Bank. Come on!! Israel still carries a military offensive operation in Gaza, and they were in Nablus for a 3-day offense just a few days ago.

I also hate the words “Palestinian Rockets”. I think these words imply something big, powerful, destructive, and fatal … you know, REAL ROCKETS, the kind that Israel uses. However, the Palestinian “rockets” are homemade, and almost always cause no casualties. Just by looking at the footage of these rocket firings, you can tell how weak they are.

Anyway, this conflict drives people insane, and unfortunately the mass media does not do its job of reporting fairly from both sides

Urrggh, i am still sleepy, so excuse me if i can’t compose coherent sentences.

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