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Palestinian Olives

Some olive fields south of Jenin (on the way to Nablus). I took these pictures from inside a car, so the colors are not as good as they should be (not that my camera is top of the line or anything 😉 ).

Jenin Olive Fields 1

Jenin Olive Fields 2

Jenin Olive Fields 3

Garden Moments

Some random pictures from our garden (7akoora) back home.

Purple Depth

Pink Tentacles

… and the cat….

The cat looks down upon thy.

The cat looks down upon thy.

Cat Vision

O’ so full of wisdom !!

A Busy Week

It has been one busy week !! Hectic work schedule, people getting sick, conferences to attend, endless meetings. Life pretty much blocked me from blogging.

Oh well, that is all (mostly) done. I have a couple of post ideas, many many pictures in my camea awaiting to see the fiber optical light of this Internet of ours. Things should be up over the weekend.