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Arabic Hip Hop – Nateejeh bala shughol

Arabic rap is increasing in popularity in the region. According to this wikipedia article, either the group DAM (from the Lod اللد) or MWR (from Acre عكا) where the first in this business. Personally, i am not a big fan of Arabic hiphop yet. However i am getting to like the group Ramllah Underground. Some of their songs have some nice expressive meanings, which is good.

Anyway here is a video clip of Ramallah Underground’s “Nateejeh bala shugol” (result with no work). The video was apparently shot in Jordan (possibly Amman) because you could see the “كلنا الأردن” slogan on top of the door he exits from in the beginning.

Caution: there are a couple (not alot) of blant Arabic swears in the middle. Not a big fan of swearing myself.

دخول الحمام مش زي خروجه

I was talking about how i wish i could blog as soon as ideas or events occur to me sometimes. Well this has just occurred to me just moments after writing that post. 🙂

Still at work, i had to go use the bathroom. Now they usually don’t maintain the hand soap regularly, and today was no exception. As i was exiting the stall, i noticed a guy just finishing up and drying his hands. Turning back to the sinks, i found out that there was no soap! So, i just said “Screw it!!” and headed outside to the kitchen to get some dish-washing soap … of course the guy did not know that, and i saw him staring at me … “WTF ?! i can’t believe this guy isn’t washing his after using the bathroom!!”. He was gone by the time i brought the dishes soap from the kitchen!

Now i had to fix that, so as i was passing his office on my way back to mine i pretended to be making a phone call to my friend complaining to him that i had to use the kitchen soap yet again. Unfortunately after i finished that bit, i noticed that the guy wasn’t in his office!!! So, here i am touring the office floor searching for him and pretending to be on the phone 🙂 . Finally, i found him by the copy room, and i passed infront of him doing that bit again (although that wasn’t on my way to he office).

Did he buy into it?? I really doubt that … but there isn’t anything that i can do now. Eh … screw it!

Crossroads and Thoughts

I haven’t posted for a while, although i have had many posts panning out in my mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a direct link from one’s brain to his/her blog? … talk about a true brain dump :-).

Anyways, the last period was nice. I got to witness the first (of hopefully many) light rain shower of the season, some really dense fog, and how everybody in Amman magically turns into a good driver on the first droplet of rain…. I was in a taxi ride on the Madeena Street, nobody was speeding or racing, cars were around 10 meters apart instead of the usual 5.2cm distance…. Everything and everybody seemed relaxed, maybe even enjoying the rain.

This last period was hectic too. At a crossroad in my life, i have to make a decision choosing between work and grad school (at least for one semester). Actually, it is a bit more complicated. I know i want to do (/will be doing?) both simultaneously. However i have to choose which gets higher priority in the next 7 months. No decision has been made yet.

On the other hand, i have been busy building a coupe of web applications for work. One of them is a truly revolutionary (web 2.0-type) idea that has quite a great potential (…unfortunately i can’t say more yet). There is also this other just-for-fun website idea that has been in mind for a while now, today i finally decided to act on it. So expect a nice new website really soon 🙂 .

I guess that’s it for now. I will try to translate some of those mind blog posts into actual text now.