World Famous People Tagged & Identified

I saw this picture on a couple of blogs (first here, then here), so i tried to identify some of the characters portrayed. So i decided to tag them and see if i can identify them with the help of the community. Here is a scaled down version of the picture, click it to see it full scale (~750 KB in size). The original untagged picture can be found here. High resolution versions of the original picture here and here (thanks Isam). Qwaider also applied the numbered tags to the higher resolution version, many thanks!

World Famous People Tagged (small)
A hi-res tagged version can be found here. (~1.1 MB)

Here is a list of the people that i have figured out so far, if you know of more, please let me know and i will add them to this list.

The list of who’s who … well at least in the picture above
1: Jacques Verges 2: Dante Allghieri 3: Deng Xiaoping? 4: Mother Teresa
5: Yul Brynner? 6: Mikhail Gorbachev 7: Ferdinand Marcos? * 8: Kofi Annan
9: Liu Xiang** 10: Prince Charles 11: Empress Dowager Cixi 12: Osama Bin Laden
13: George W. Bush? 14: Luciano Pavarotti 15: Salvador Dali?* 16: Gregory Peck? / John Wayne?
17: Spartacus? / Julius Caesar?* 18: Yasser Arafat 19: Marilyn Monroe 20: Marlon Brando
21: Fidel Castro 22: Laozi* 23: Chi Guevara 24: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
25: Zhou Enlai 26: Napoléon Bonaparte 27: Mao Zedong 28: Marie Curie? *
29: Abraham Lincoln 30: Genghis Khan 31: Pablo Picasso 32: Steven Spielberg?*
33: Friedrich Nietzsche 34: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 35: Karl Marx 36: William Shakespeare
37: Leonardo da Vinci* 38: Robert Oppenheimer 39: Henri Matisse? 40: Joseph Stalin
41: Elvis Presley 42: Franklin D. Roosevelt* / Jorge Luis Borges 43: Winston Churchill 44: Bruce Lee
45: James Garfield? 46: Margert Thatcher* 47: Peter the Great?* 48: Charles de Gaulle
49: Bill Clinton 50: Maxim Gorky* 51: Lin Biao 52: Solomon?
53: Vladimir Lenin 54: Guan Yu 55: Cui Jian 56: Aristotle / Plato?** / Homer / Socrates
57: 58: Pelé 59: Adolf Hitler 60: Saddam Hussein
61: Ludwig van Beethoven 62: Audrey Hepburn 63: Benito Mussolini 64:
65: Lei Feng* 66: Henry Ford* 67: Charlie Chaplin 68: Ernest Hemingway?* / Charles Bukowski
69: Sun Yat-sen** 70: Deng Xiaoping? 71: Sigmund Freud 72: Mike Tyson
73: B. F. Skinner* 74: Chiang Kai-shek* 75: Stamford Raffles? 76: Vladimir Putin
77: Lu Xun?* 78: Lewis Carroll* / Hans Christian Andersen 79: Queen Elizabeth II 80: Shirley Temple
81: Charles Darwin?* / Leo Tolstoy 82: Albert Einstein 83: Li Bai / Mozi* 84: Moses**
85: Confucius?* 86: 87: Mahatma Gandhi 88: Claude Monet?
89: Dwight Eisenhower?* / Thomas Lipton? 90: Vincent van Gogh 91: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 92: Marcel Duchamp
93: Michael Jordan 94: Ariel Sharon 95: Hideki Tojo* 96:
97: Yue Fei* 98: 99: Qin Shi Huang?* 100: Run Run Shaw?
101: Samuel Adams? 102: Rabindranath Tagore / Saint Peter?* 103: Otto von Bismarck* / Moltke the Younger? 104: Jacob
Names with question marks? need further verification
Coloured stars* denote supporting people

If you recognize somebody that is not included in the table above, or if you believe there is a mistake somewhere, please leave me a comment, and i will add him/her to the list. … tell your friends to jump in on that too 🙂


► By Hayfa, many thanks.

► By Dave, many thanks.

► By Bettina, many thanks.

► By Isam, many thanks.

► By BamBam, many thanks.

► By Ola, many thanks.

► By Upendra Samaranayake, many thanks.

► By Qwaider قويدر, many thanks.

► By Fred Chan, many thanks.

► By Burak, many thanks.

► By Egl, many thanks.

► By Fez, many thanks.

► By Shaughn, many thanks.

► By Pamela, many thanks.

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► By WhtFalcon, many thanks.

► By Dave (July 21 2008), many thanks.

► By Naghme, many thanks.

► By RS, many thanks.

► By Pegazus, many thanks.

► By Zach, many thanks.

With thanks to Monica for her correction.

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  1. satheeshdharshan


  2. I think #75 is Stamford Raffles. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face somewhere before, bugs me a lot also to see such a familiar face but not being able to identify the person.

  3. #28 Marie Curie. Behind those “fruits”(I don’t know what they are really) you can see a flask.

  4. 68 looks more like Bukowsky than Hemingway. (with the bottle at least)
    37 looks more like Darwin, than da Vinci.

  5. 96 is probably a greek sculptor, Myron.

  6. 57. Bill gates!

  7. Surely No. 16 is Douglas MacArthur

  8. 57 : maradona

  9. I dunno who number 64 is, but definitely NOT rudyard kipling, because he’s wearing a stethoscope. Meaning he must be a doctor, which kipling is not.

  10. I hope I’m not ruining this.

    The original title of the piece:
    “Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante”

    The artists, Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An, are pictured in the upper right corner with Dante.

    Anything else can be figured out from there.

  11. 7. Ferdinand Marcos

    can you guys figue out if it is correct?

  12. Fitri: Thank you for the input. Houdini does have a little resemblance to #78, however the depicted face is narrower than that of Houdini and there is no explanation for the reference of animals surrounding him. Do you have a picture that is close to this ?

    Raghavan alias Saravanan M.: Thank you for the compliment. This is really the effort of the readers and commenters. My hat’s off to them for their amazing and valuable input.

    satheeshdharshan: Thank you.

    RS: Thank you for your input. I have added Stamford Raffles to the list on #75 and Marie Curie on #28, but i am still not 100% on Curie. After all, why would she be holding fruits rather than some chemistry set.

    Pegazus: Thanks for your comments. I agree that #68 looks like Charles Bukowski, and i have added him to the list. However, #37 does not look like Darwin (with the long beard) and the clues around him refer to da vinci. As for Myron and #96, are there any images/paintings showing how would Myron have looked like ?

    Stephanie: Thank you. However, i don’t think that #57 is bill gates because he doesn’t seem to be wearing something that Gates would wear. Additionally, the face is not quite the same as that of Gates, and further more, there is nothing that identifies him as Bill Gates. Maybe a computer or the Windows logo would have worked.

    Nancy: Thank you for your input. I have checked online images of Douglas MacArthur, and they mostly show him smoking a pipe rather than a cigar. Additionally, the depicted figure in #16 does not resemble the cloths or facial expressions i found for Douglas MacArthur.

    kelesaoui: Thank you. However #57 does not seem to be wearing what Maradona would have been wearing. There are no references to football here compared to #58 where there are many references to football.

    Monica: Thank you for pointing this out. That is a nice catch. I agree with you, and have adjusted the listing of #64 accordingly.

    Shaughn: Thank you very much for clearing this out. You didn’t ruin the fun, on the contrary, we now know the artists and the name of the painting so we can go validate our guesses. I tried to find a listing of all the figures in the painting but couldn’t . If you could point me to something of that sort, i will be very grateful.

    Zach: Thank you for your input. #7 does look a bit like Ferdinand Marcos, however the figure in #6 has a wider face and a shorter hair compared to the portrait of Marcos. Even when Marcos grew older, his pictures still seemed to show him with a longer hair. I have added your agreement to the list.

  13. Why don’t we identify other things like, items, animals and buildings? I’m pretty sure the artists didn’t add them for no reason. For example, the armada at the top centre?

  14. Nr 57, Bill Gates

  15. I think 57 is definitely Bill Gates and 64 is probably Dr. Norman Bethune.

  16. Hi! Great Work.

    I believe no 16 is the actor William Holden, and no 28 could be Richard Burton.
    I also feel that no 89 is Dwight D Eisenhower, as he was often depicted drinking a cup of tea. Also the jacket he’s wearing is more of a US military jacket than one Sir Thomas Lipton would have worn. Lipton is usually pictured with a moustache, and the picture is clean shaven.

    Regards, Peter

  17. 78 is definitely Lewis Carrol, not Hans Christian Anderson.

    Why ? The clue is he is staring ardently at Shirley Temple. Remember, Lewis Carroll had the 19th Centuries largest collection of nude pre-teen girl photos.

  18. 57=bill gates

  19. You beat me to it, just, yes I think 57 is Bill Gates as well,

    Also, I think 96 is Oliver Reed

  20. 86 – Christopher Columbus

  21. Might #57 be Bill Gates?

  22. No. 3 is Soong Ching Ling, wife of Sun Yat Sen. She is the sister of Soong May Ling, wife of Chiang Kai Shek.

  23. Just a thought.

    #61 = Chopin

  24. #50 = General George Custer

  25. #33 = Orville Wright (one of the Wright brothers)

  26. #61 = Chopin maybe?
    #101 = Beethoven ?

  27. #88 = Leonardo da Vinci
    #96 = Michelangelo

  28. 38 could be Harrison Ford

  29. 64 Dr Norman Bethune?

  30. 57: Bill Gates

  31. Saw the thing about the Dante piece.

    If you like this sort of thing (guess the people etc.) there’s something for the rock fans – ‘The Jam Series’. This is two amazing pen and ink drawings featuring all the greats from ’50s through to ’90s – 252 artists in all across the two pieces.

    If anyone wants to check them out, they can be seen at:

    Anyway, thought it might be of interest!



  32. i think 84 would be noah rather than moses, just my opinion, i do realise that the only animals that are in twos are sheep, but hey who wants to fill a page with beasts anyway

  33. 86= Kazi Nazrul Islam?

  34. 84=Charls Darween?

  35. Johnny Mesquita

    I think that #38 is the actor Gary Cooper!



  36. # 57 is Bill Gates and #102 is Tagore for sure. #96 i am guessing as aristotle

  37. Found an image map with links to the Wikipedia articles. This isn’t tagged by the original painters though. I’m convinced that some of our answers here are better ones though 😛


  38. 86 = Gutenberg ??

  39. 39 could be Jan Zrzavý a famous Czech painter

  40. the cat is Schrodinger’s Cat and the sheep are Dolly and her mother.

  41. No one seem to have guessed…..NO:57. He is Bill Gates……The woman next to Osama Bin Laden is Miriam from the Bible.

  42. Great job! But i think no 50 is Porfirio Diaz, a mexican dictator. He also has mexian stuff on the table…

    Anyways, excellent job there!

  43. #76 is David Carradine

  44. 16. Humphry Bogart

  45. 70. Deng Xiaoping
    38. Clint Eastwood


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