World Famous People Tagged & Identified

I saw this picture on a couple of blogs (first here, then here), so i tried to identify some of the characters portrayed. So i decided to tag them and see if i can identify them with the help of the community. Here is a scaled down version of the picture, click it to see it full scale (~750 KB in size). The original untagged picture can be found here. High resolution versions of the original picture here and here (thanks Isam). Qwaider also applied the numbered tags to the higher resolution version, many thanks!

World Famous People Tagged (small)
A hi-res tagged version can be found here. (~1.1 MB)

Here is a list of the people that i have figured out so far, if you know of more, please let me know and i will add them to this list.

The list of who’s who … well at least in the picture above
1: Jacques Verges 2: Dante Allghieri 3: Deng Xiaoping? 4: Mother Teresa
5: Yul Brynner? 6: Mikhail Gorbachev 7: Ferdinand Marcos? * 8: Kofi Annan
9: Liu Xiang** 10: Prince Charles 11: Empress Dowager Cixi 12: Osama Bin Laden
13: George W. Bush? 14: Luciano Pavarotti 15: Salvador Dali?* 16: Gregory Peck? / John Wayne?
17: Spartacus? / Julius Caesar?* 18: Yasser Arafat 19: Marilyn Monroe 20: Marlon Brando
21: Fidel Castro 22: Laozi* 23: Chi Guevara 24: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
25: Zhou Enlai 26: Napoléon Bonaparte 27: Mao Zedong 28: Marie Curie? *
29: Abraham Lincoln 30: Genghis Khan 31: Pablo Picasso 32: Steven Spielberg?*
33: Friedrich Nietzsche 34: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 35: Karl Marx 36: William Shakespeare
37: Leonardo da Vinci* 38: Robert Oppenheimer 39: Henri Matisse? 40: Joseph Stalin
41: Elvis Presley 42: Franklin D. Roosevelt* / Jorge Luis Borges 43: Winston Churchill 44: Bruce Lee
45: James Garfield? 46: Margert Thatcher* 47: Peter the Great?* 48: Charles de Gaulle
49: Bill Clinton 50: Maxim Gorky* 51: Lin Biao 52: Solomon?
53: Vladimir Lenin 54: Guan Yu 55: Cui Jian 56: Aristotle / Plato?** / Homer / Socrates
57: 58: Pelé 59: Adolf Hitler 60: Saddam Hussein
61: Ludwig van Beethoven 62: Audrey Hepburn 63: Benito Mussolini 64:
65: Lei Feng* 66: Henry Ford* 67: Charlie Chaplin 68: Ernest Hemingway?* / Charles Bukowski
69: Sun Yat-sen** 70: Deng Xiaoping? 71: Sigmund Freud 72: Mike Tyson
73: B. F. Skinner* 74: Chiang Kai-shek* 75: Stamford Raffles? 76: Vladimir Putin
77: Lu Xun?* 78: Lewis Carroll* / Hans Christian Andersen 79: Queen Elizabeth II 80: Shirley Temple
81: Charles Darwin?* / Leo Tolstoy 82: Albert Einstein 83: Li Bai / Mozi* 84: Moses**
85: Confucius?* 86: 87: Mahatma Gandhi 88: Claude Monet?
89: Dwight Eisenhower?* / Thomas Lipton? 90: Vincent van Gogh 91: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 92: Marcel Duchamp
93: Michael Jordan 94: Ariel Sharon 95: Hideki Tojo* 96:
97: Yue Fei* 98: 99: Qin Shi Huang?* 100: Run Run Shaw?
101: Samuel Adams? 102: Rabindranath Tagore / Saint Peter?* 103: Otto von Bismarck* / Moltke the Younger? 104: Jacob
Names with question marks? need further verification
Coloured stars* denote supporting people

If you recognize somebody that is not included in the table above, or if you believe there is a mistake somewhere, please leave me a comment, and i will add him/her to the list. … tell your friends to jump in on that too 🙂


► By Hayfa, many thanks.

► By Dave, many thanks.

► By Bettina, many thanks.

► By Isam, many thanks.

► By BamBam, many thanks.

► By Ola, many thanks.

► By Upendra Samaranayake, many thanks.

► By Qwaider قويدر, many thanks.

► By Fred Chan, many thanks.

► By Burak, many thanks.

► By Egl, many thanks.

► By Fez, many thanks.

► By Shaughn, many thanks.

► By Pamela, many thanks.

► By Eliana, many thanks.

► By WhtFalcon, many thanks.

► By Dave (July 21 2008), many thanks.

► By Naghme, many thanks.

► By RS, many thanks.

► By Pegazus, many thanks.

► By Zach, many thanks.

With thanks to Monica for her correction.

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  1. Ather: Thanks for your input. He has been identified.

    Upendra: Thanks! Duchamp’s painting was definitely a key. Thank you for the identification
    #39 is wearing clothes that are outdated for Matisse’s time. Also, i am not too sure about JJ Rousseau. #64’s moustache is thinner than that of Rudyard Kipling. You are right, #3 could be a woman, so i added Xiaoping for #70 as well. Thanks again.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Upendra Samaranayake

    Going back to Isam,

    50: Maxim Gorky
    77: Lu Xun

    88: Claude Monet

    39 looks very much like Henri Matisse I think. I’m not quite sure why he is wearing a medieval-esque costime.

  3. Upendra: Thanks for another great input, and thanks alot for including these links, they were definitely helpful. I have added/corrected the figures above according to your feedback. I personally still want to verify Lu Xun and Matisse a bit more (specially Lu Xun), but they seem to have good resemblance of the depictions above.

    On a general note: i have removed #57’s identification (formerly Bill Gates) since the figure above does not seem to be wearing something that Bill Gates would be. Also, the facial expressions are not very close to those of Bill Gates.

  4. 70 looks a lot more like Deng Xiaoping than 3.

  5. OH MY GOD … This is such an AMAAAAAZING effort!
    Za3tar, this is REALLY awesome! Bravo! And everyone else who participated, jad jad .. well done!
    Can’t wait to see the whole complete thing! This is a Masterpiece!

  6. There is one more guy next to #12. I think that is Jacob, sending his sons to Egypt

    Anyway, I added your numbering on top of the hi resolution picture. You can download it here
    I Hope you like it

  7. D: Thanks, i will double check that again.

    Qwaider: Thank you very much. Yeah it is amazing what you can accomplish collaboratively with the community.

    Regarding the figure next to #12, yeah i noticed that, but since its face was not visible, i thought it did not have any significance in this picture (specially since it was followed by many faceless bodies). I read some more about Jacob on Wikipedia and it states that Jacob had 12 sons who were sent to Egypt. The picture above shows more than 12 people heading towards the pyramids. Do you have some more supporting information for tagging that figure as Jacob ?

    Also, thanks alot for moving the numbers to the hi-res pictures. How in the world did you do that ? that must have been painful 🙂 . Thanks alot, i have put up a link for it in the post.

  8. Imagine, if Jacob had 12 sons, how many each one of them had?
    They go from east to west (same as in the picture) from Palestine to Egypt through the desert. And he stay behind
    So he’s saying prayers while the caravan leaves
    Oh and during that time, Polygamy was allowed and so was slavery (so he had 2 wives and two concubines resulting in 12 male sons, the 12 tribes of Israel and countless grandchildren and daughters)

    Anyway, Awesome effort man… seriously

  9. Qwaider: thanks for this great explanation. I have changed the lo-res and the hi-res tagged pictures to include a #104, and i have add Jacob to the list at that number. Thanks again.

  10. No 97 could be Yue Fei who has has evolved into the standard model of loyalty in Chinese culture. or he could be Zheng He , , . Once you read his achievements as logged by the Chinese history books you will realise that Chrisopher Columbus deserve a second place to this man but he is virtually unknown in western history and his name is never in school text books in the west.

  11. No 4 is as stated ealier is Mother Teresa or Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu , Albanian by birth. Here is the image of her that looks like her in the art work

  12. Correction of above : Liu Xiang the numbers 12.88 on the shirt means: Liu set a new world record in the 110 metre hurdles, at the Super Grand Prix in Lausanne on July 11, 2006, with a time of 12.88 seconds .

  13. Fred Chan: Thanks for your many helpful comments 🙂 .
    I think #97 is more fitted for Yue Fei than Zheng He, since the latter is known more as being a diplomat and explorer rather than a fighter as Yue Fei. I have added Run Run Shaw to the list, however, would you happen to know of a picture of him at a younger age, i couldn’t find any.

    As for #5, i think it is more fitted for Yul Brynner since he is known for his shaved head.
    You are right about Mother Teresa and Liu Xiang’s world record.

    Thanks again.

  14. I think 56 is much like Homeros not Aristotle

  15. 55: Cui Jian (chinese rock star)

  16. Burak: Thanks, that figure does look like Homer (Homeros) as well, i have added that name to the list.

    Egl: Thanks, i have added Cui Jian to the list. Good Guess 🙂

  17. This painting has been around quite some time now; How come I can’t find a complete list yet ? Wasn’t that published when the painting was originally published on the Internet and does anyone know whare it originated from ?

  18. Sjarel: Yeah i heard that this has been circulating in the internet for a while, however i could not find info about its creator and/or the people in it. Anyway, that is why i did the tagging, and it seems to have been very successful with the contributions of the community (thanks) 🙂

  19. 42 is not Franklin D. Roosevelt, but actually Jorge Luis Borges, a famous Argentine writer.

  20. Thanks Fez, you are right. #42 does look like Borges, i have added him to the list.

  21. 57: Bill Gates
    33: Allama Muhammad Iqbal

  22. Umer: Thanks for your suggestions. But it seems that #33 is closer to Friedrich Nietzsche than to Muhammad Iqbal. Do you have any picture of Iqbal that looks closer to this depiction ?

  23. 28 could be Marie Curie.

  24. Naghme: Thanks. I think that the tray that person is holding should be a clue. But i can’t tell exactly what it is.

  25. 57-Bill Gates
    45-Ulsyess S. Grant

  26. and i believe that 88 is not Monet but Johannes Gutenberg

  27. Wow. I can’t believe how much discussion you have going on here. Very nice.

    I can provide a little insight about the background of this picture.

    In late September/early October of last year, two of my students from China brought in this picture on a laptop. We spent the entire class discussing it, fun times indeed. We were able to get almost everyone.

    It’s important to note that the author of this piece, whomever it may be, is Chinese. This is hinted by the image of Hideki Tojo (94) kneeling prone in front of Qin Shi Huang (95), and the positioning of Li Bai (83) at the center (drunk on liquor, with his poems nearby), as well as a few other details that I have since forgotten.

    Also, if it were an Western artist, there would be less Asians and more women

    Whatever the original site or source, we need Mandarin script in order to search for it : /

    Good luck!

  28. *correction*
    Qin Shi Huang (99), not (95)

  29. Jonesy1908: Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t suppose that #57 is bill gates, but i will check #45 for Ulysses S. Grant.

    Shaughn, thanks. I think you’re justification is valid. It seems that the author of this piece is of oriental origins based on the figures put here. I have added Li Bai at #83. Thanks.

  30. 64 Rudyard Kipling?

  31. 51 – Lin Piao

  32. Pamela: Thank you very much for your help. #51 Lin Biao seems like a perfect identification, the others seem like likely candidates. I have added them all to the table above.

    Thanks again for your help.

  33. hi, za3tar – have some suggestions:
    16 believe this is John Wayne, instead of Gregory Peck
    56 seems to be Socrates (
    57 looks like Bill Gates
    78 looks like Josephine Baker (
    88 believe he is the sculptor Auguste Rodin (

  34. 76: Simón Bolivar

  35. 75: Simón Bolivar

  36. 104: Mary, mother of Jesus

  37. 78: Hans Christian Andersen ?

  38. Could 68 be Oliver Reed complete with booze bottle and beard as in Gladiator?

  39. #102 is Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian writer and poet.

    Also, #75 really bugs me, I KNOW I have seen that dude recently. I think he’s some English explorer or something like that. If anyone knows that one, please help me out.

  40. Wikipedia has a wealth of photographs and I’ve been comparing for some confirmations.

    66. Looks more like Thomas Edison than Henry Ford although the clue of a little car at his feet is misleading.
    33. Orville Wright ~ clue is the airplane on the table by him.
    35. Alexander Graham Bell

  41. Eliana: Thank you for your suggestions. I have added those for #16 and #56. However, i don’t think that #57 is bill gates because he doesn’t seem to be wearing something that Gates would wear. Additionally, the face is not quite the same as that of Gates, and further more, there is nothing that identifies him as Bill Gates. Maybe a computer or the Windows logo would have worked. I don’t think that #78 is Josephine Baker because the hair style does not quite match. I think it is more likely to be Lewis Carroll because of all the Alice in Wonderland creatures around her.

    Alisson: I doubt that #75 is Simón Bolivar because the puffy white thing on his chest under his neck does not resemble anything worn in “Spanish America” region in his time. I checked some pictures of him online, and none showed him with any such puffy thing, and his coat looks different. As for #104, the cloths worn by that person are common in that region and era, so it could be any person. Does the posture in #104 resemble some painting or statue of Mary ?

    WhtFalcon: You are right, i think that could be Hans Christian Andersen because of the looks and the surrounding characters. I have added that to the list, thanks.

    Mike: Thanks for your contribution. I checked some pictures of Oliver Reed, and i didn’t see something that quite resembles #68.

    Dave @ July 21: Thanks for your help. #102 definitely looks like Rabindranath Tagore, i have added him to the list. If you or somebody else figure out #75 please let me know.

    Ozzy: Thanks for your input. As for #66, Thomas Edison’s face looked a bit fatter than that of character in the picture above. I looked around, and couldn’t find a picture of Edison that has a similar face or posture to that of the picture above. So i think it might very well be Henry Ford.

    As for #33, the character depicted appears to be fatter than the pictures of Orville Wright. Additionally, the model of the airplane is newer than that of the Wright Brothers. And for #35, Alexander Bell’s hair seems in all his pictures seems to be shorter than that of the depicted figure.

  42. #78 Harry Houdini?

  43. Absolutely great work and seems to have put in lot of efforts!

    Hats Off and thanks 🙂

    Raghavan alias Saravanan M.

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