World Famous People Tagged & Identified

I saw this picture on a couple of blogs (first here, then here), so i tried to identify some of the characters portrayed. So i decided to tag them and see if i can identify them with the help of the community. Here is a scaled down version of the picture, click it to see it full scale (~750 KB in size). The original untagged picture can be found here. High resolution versions of the original picture here and here (thanks Isam). Qwaider also applied the numbered tags to the higher resolution version, many thanks!

World Famous People Tagged (small)
A hi-res tagged version can be found here. (~1.1 MB)

Here is a list of the people that i have figured out so far, if you know of more, please let me know and i will add them to this list.

The list of who’s who … well at least in the picture above
1: Jacques Verges 2: Dante Allghieri 3: Deng Xiaoping? 4: Mother Teresa
5: Yul Brynner? 6: Mikhail Gorbachev 7: Ferdinand Marcos? * 8: Kofi Annan
9: Liu Xiang** 10: Prince Charles 11: Empress Dowager Cixi 12: Osama Bin Laden
13: George W. Bush? 14: Luciano Pavarotti 15: Salvador Dali?* 16: Gregory Peck? / John Wayne?
17: Spartacus? / Julius Caesar?* 18: Yasser Arafat 19: Marilyn Monroe 20: Marlon Brando
21: Fidel Castro 22: Laozi* 23: Chi Guevara 24: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
25: Zhou Enlai 26: Napoléon Bonaparte 27: Mao Zedong 28: Marie Curie? *
29: Abraham Lincoln 30: Genghis Khan 31: Pablo Picasso 32: Steven Spielberg?*
33: Friedrich Nietzsche 34: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 35: Karl Marx 36: William Shakespeare
37: Leonardo da Vinci* 38: Robert Oppenheimer 39: Henri Matisse? 40: Joseph Stalin
41: Elvis Presley 42: Franklin D. Roosevelt* / Jorge Luis Borges 43: Winston Churchill 44: Bruce Lee
45: James Garfield? 46: Margert Thatcher* 47: Peter the Great?* 48: Charles de Gaulle
49: Bill Clinton 50: Maxim Gorky* 51: Lin Biao 52: Solomon?
53: Vladimir Lenin 54: Guan Yu 55: Cui Jian 56: Aristotle / Plato?** / Homer / Socrates
57: 58: Pelé 59: Adolf Hitler 60: Saddam Hussein
61: Ludwig van Beethoven 62: Audrey Hepburn 63: Benito Mussolini 64:
65: Lei Feng* 66: Henry Ford* 67: Charlie Chaplin 68: Ernest Hemingway?* / Charles Bukowski
69: Sun Yat-sen** 70: Deng Xiaoping? 71: Sigmund Freud 72: Mike Tyson
73: B. F. Skinner* 74: Chiang Kai-shek* 75: Stamford Raffles? 76: Vladimir Putin
77: Lu Xun?* 78: Lewis Carroll* / Hans Christian Andersen 79: Queen Elizabeth II 80: Shirley Temple
81: Charles Darwin?* / Leo Tolstoy 82: Albert Einstein 83: Li Bai / Mozi* 84: Moses**
85: Confucius?* 86: 87: Mahatma Gandhi 88: Claude Monet?
89: Dwight Eisenhower?* / Thomas Lipton? 90: Vincent van Gogh 91: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 92: Marcel Duchamp
93: Michael Jordan 94: Ariel Sharon 95: Hideki Tojo* 96:
97: Yue Fei* 98: 99: Qin Shi Huang?* 100: Run Run Shaw?
101: Samuel Adams? 102: Rabindranath Tagore / Saint Peter?* 103: Otto von Bismarck* / Moltke the Younger? 104: Jacob
Names with question marks? need further verification
Coloured stars* denote supporting people

If you recognize somebody that is not included in the table above, or if you believe there is a mistake somewhere, please leave me a comment, and i will add him/her to the list. … tell your friends to jump in on that too 🙂


► By Hayfa, many thanks.

► By Dave, many thanks.

► By Bettina, many thanks.

► By Isam, many thanks.

► By BamBam, many thanks.

► By Ola, many thanks.

► By Upendra Samaranayake, many thanks.

► By Qwaider قويدر, many thanks.

► By Fred Chan, many thanks.

► By Burak, many thanks.

► By Egl, many thanks.

► By Fez, many thanks.

► By Shaughn, many thanks.

► By Pamela, many thanks.

► By Eliana, many thanks.

► By WhtFalcon, many thanks.

► By Dave (July 21 2008), many thanks.

► By Naghme, many thanks.

► By RS, many thanks.

► By Pegazus, many thanks.

► By Zach, many thanks.

With thanks to Monica for her correction.

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  1. Wow, great effort with the tagging!!!

  2. Roba: haha … thanks, that took alot of time and clicking 🙂

  3. My God! How many hours did you spend doing this tagging 🙂

    Good job. Ping me if you get all tagged.

    All the best!

  4. ٢- يوليوس قيصر
    ٤- الأم تيريزا؟
    ١٠- الأمير تشارلز
    ١٤- لوتشيانو بافاروتي
    ٤٠- جوزف ستالين
    ٤٦- مارغريت تاتشر
    ٦٢- اودري هيبورن
    ٨٠- شيرلي تيمبل
    هذا اللي طلع معي الحين .. الإستخراج كان مسلّي جداً ! شكراً عالترقيم ..

  5. Haitham: :-)… many many hours. Hopefully it will be worth it. Help me out, add a few of the missing names if you can 😉

    Hayfa: Thank you for your help. Stalin was there already, and although the lady on #46 looks like Thatcher to me as well, but i don’t know why is she carrying an American flag (not that i know much about her history 🙂 ). The rest of your list is up on the page now, thanks.

  6. correction (87) Mahatma Ghandi .. , (27) maw-tsi tong

  7. 6. Mikhail Gorbachev
    17. Spartacus (as played by Michael Douglas)
    22. Confucius?
    30. Genghis Khan?
    35. Karl Marx
    36. Leonardo da Vinci
    50. Mark Twain
    54. Genghis Khan?
    56. Aristotle
    63. Benito Mussolini?
    84. Moses?
    90. Vincent van Gogh?
    92. Pablo Picasso?

  8. Dandooneh: Thank you for your suggestions. Mahatma Gandhi’s first name was actually Mohandas, but i have changed that as you suggested, thanks. As for Mao Zedong (maw-tsi tong), i was searching for the latter spelling, but Wikipedia led me to believe that the former spelling is the agreed upon one.

    Dave: Thank you! I am not too sure about the depictions of Confucius, Moses, and Mussolini. (Can somebody clarify that please). However, i have added the rest.

  9. 24 is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! the famous german poet, how could you not recognise him ;)?

  10. Danke schön Bettina!
    I guess i have to brush up on my German lit. ;-).

  11. 9. Yao Ming

  12. am not gonna suggest any names now … but these is a higher res picture here …

    it can make things alot easier … i wish u found it before the tagging … and u missed a couple of faces here and there … am gonna try to find the origin of this picture … wish me luck

  13. that is what i have until now … am gonna crack this for sure …

    15 – Salvadore Dali
    33 – Friedrich Nietzsche
    38 – Robert J. Oppenheimer
    43 – Winston Churchel
    48 – Charles De Gaulle
    57 – Bill Gates (how could anyone miss him ?)
    71 – Sigmund Frued
    73 – Yitzhak Rabin

    correction : am gonna crack this without the far-east-asian people … they all look the same to me …

    I’ll be back …

  14. 1: jacques verges
    2:Dante Alighieri not julius
    3: deng xiapong
    9: Liu Xiang
    11:Empress Dowager Cixi
    13:dubya in a women’s dress holding a scope ?
    15:jacques clouseau
    17: Julius Ceaser
    25:Hua guofeng
    30:Genghis Khan
    31: picasso
    32:steven speilberg
    38:Robert J. Oppenheimer
    42:Franklin D. Roosevelt
    45: Robert E. Lee
    48: Charles De Gaulle
    50:Wyatt Erp
    52:solomon (animals and the thrown)
    54:guan yun Chang
    62: Audrey Hepburn
    63:Benito Mussolini
    64:Gregor Mendal?
    65:Lei Feng
    68: ernest hemingway
    69:Sun Yat-sen
    71:Sigmund Freud
    73:B.F Skinner?
    76:Vladimir Putin
    78:Harry Houdini or Lewis Carrol ?
    77:Mark Twain
    81:Charles Darwin ??
    83:Mozi ???
    89:Dwight D. Eisenhower??
    91:Toulouse-Lautrec ?
    92:pablo picasso
    95:Hideki Tojo
    97:Yue Fei??
    99:emperor Qin
    101:Thomas Jefferson?
    102:saint peter (the key around his neck)
    103:oto von Bismarck

    Dammit i need to get a life !
    oh well and yeah thats not exactly off the top of my head …

  15. 75 – Benjamin Disraeli
    68 – Ernest Hemingway
    66 – Henry Ford ??
    103 – Bismark ?? Moltke the Younger ??
    47 – Peter The Great
    37 – Leo Tolstoy
    84 – Moses
    95 – Hideki Tojo
    2 – Dante Alighieri (Not Ceaser)
    25 – Zhou Enlai
    11 – Empress Cixi
    54 – Guan Yu

    more to come … but tommorow maybe …

  16. Ana khalas ba6alt ajamme3 :S

    Wallah enak fazee3 🙂

  17. Amazing effort:)

    84: Sharon

    p.s: I couldn’t disassociate your name with za3tara, the most horrible checkpoint of Nablus. Sorry!

  18. ooops its 94 and already known. al3atab 3al nazar:)

  19. Sami: Thanks!

    Isam: Thanks alot for the high-res link (i’ve put it up in the first paragraph), and thanks for your identifications. I have added what i could verify.

    bambam: Wow, that is one big list :-). Thanks for the help, i have added what i could verify (reasonably 😉 ).

    Isam and Bambam, i wonder how you two know all these people. That is quite amazing!

    7ala: hahaha salamtik :-). If looking at this picture makes you perplexed, imagine drawing all these arrows in a (hopefully) semi-decent way ;-p.

    Ohoud: lah lah lah, salamit nazarik 🙂 i figured you meant #94, thanks!. As for Za3tara Checkpoint, i am pleased to tell you that nowadays Howara Checkpoint is 10x more horrible than za3tara :-(.

  20. OH WOW!!! amazing effort..
    how many hours (or days) did it take you to finish that??
    and yeah, how can Isam and bambam recognize all these people??
    ya3teek el 3afyeh, fazee3 🙂

  21. Maioush: 🙂 Thanks! Finding the picture was easy (although i would love to claim that too :-p). The tagging took many hours (3~5) … i definitely had more important stuff to do … but you know …. i think i have a bit of 5aleely genes in me ;-).

    Now we’re much closer … just need the remaining figures identified.

  22. wait… isn’t 63: Hamid Karzai?

  23. Great job! I searched the net for a tagged version and there you go 😀 Notice the figure under Lenin’s stretched arm, is that a face? And there’s a woman beside Bin Laden

    I’m not sure of those but 96 could be Plato, and 5 looks liek one of the Wright brothers

  24. lol after seeing hte high resolution picture I realized I was mistaken about the face 😀

  25. that is what i discovered today

    47 – Peter The Great
    74 – Chiang Kai-Shek (sorry i mixed 47 with 74 yesterday)
    99 – Qin Shi-Hunag
    89 – Dwight Eisenhower
    9 – Xiang Liu
    50 – Maxim Gorky
    22 – Lao Zi
    69 – Sun Yat-Sen
    85 – Confucius
    7 – Pol Pot ??
    3 – Deng Xiaoping ??
    65 – Lei Feng
    25 – Zhoy En Lai
    97 – Yue Fei
    77 – Lu Xun

    for those who are wondering … i am getting some help from other forums … but alot of Marxist and Communist leaders are there … and i happen to know my share about that part of history …

    will continue on Saturday … am taking tommorow off 😉

  26. I don’t see Jesus on this picture…how come he’s not here?

  27. Anon: Thanks, but i think Hamid Karzai would have been depicted with a beard.

    Ola: Thank you. As for the woman next to Bin Laden, she has been depicted with her back to the picture, along with many a row of faceless people. So i thought it would be hard to recognize her, so i did not tag her. But, I have added Henry Ford up there. Thanks

    Isam: Thanks again for this nice list. I see you have your Marxist/Communist history down right :-). I have added most of the people from your list. There were a few that i could not verify (Pol Pot for example) since i could not find close-matching pictures online.

    La Chicharra: Yeah, the painter/creator’s selection of figures is a bit weird. There are many people who should have been up there but aren’t, and there are many others that are in the picture but i don’t know why he/she added them.

  28. number 70 is Pol Pot

  29. Bashar: hmm … #70 doesn’t seem to resemble the pictures i found here: and here: . Do you have any other pictures that look closer to him ? The depiction above shows #70 with a receding hairline, but Pol Pot’s pictures show him with a full head of hair.

  30. wow.
    you are so unbelievably neat.
    Who made this anyways (the collage)?

  31. Dana: hahaha … thanks! Yeah i spent extra effort to try and minimize the number of lines crossing, and such 🙂 (OCD ? .. hope not 🙂 ).

    I don’t know who made the original picture. Actually that was the primary reason for doing this tagging. I could not find any good info about this on the web, so i figured the community will be able to help :-).

  32. Could you tag the high resolution picture? Pretty please? 🙂

  33. Upendra Samaranayake

    What I have so far:

    1.Jacques Verges
    2.Dante Alighieri
    3.Deng Xiaoping
    4.Mother Theresa
    5.Prince Mongkut?
    6.Mikhail Gorbachev
    8.Kofi Annan
    10.Prince Charles
    11.Empress Dowager Cixi
    12.Osama Bin Laden
    13.George W. Bush
    14.Luciano Pavrotti
    15.Salvador Dali
    17.Julius Ceasar
    18.Yasser Arafat
    19.Marilyn Monroe
    20.Marlon Brando
    21.Fidel Castro
    23.Che Guevara
    24.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    25.Zhou En Lai
    26.Napoleon Bonaparte
    27.Mao Zedong
    29.Abraham Lincoln
    30.Genghis Khan
    31.Pablo Picasso
    32.Steven Speilberg
    33.Frederick Nietzsche
    34.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    35.Karl Marx
    36.William Shakespeare
    38.Robert Oppenheimer
    40.Josef Stalin
    41.Elvis Presley
    42.Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    43.Winston Churchill
    44.Bruce Lee
    46.Margert Thatcher
    47.Peter the Great
    48.Charles De Gaulle
    49.Bill Clinton
    50.Albert Schweitzer
    53.Vladimir Lenin
    54.Guan Yu
    57.Bill Clinton
    59.Adolf Hitler
    60.Saddam Hussein
    61.Ludwig Beethoven
    62.Audrey Hepburn
    63.Benito Mussolini
    65.Lei Feng
    66.Henry Ford
    67.Charlie Chaplin
    68.Ernest Hemingway
    69.Sun Yat-sen
    71.Sigmund Freud
    72.Mike Tyson
    73.B. F. Skinner
    74.Chiang Kai-shek
    75.Benjamin Disraeli
    76.Vladimir Putin
    78.Lewis Carroll
    79.Queen Elizabeth the Second
    80.Shirley Temple
    81.Charles Darwin?
    82.Albert Einstein
    86.Rembrandt van Rijn
    87.Mohandes Gandhi
    88.Leonardo De Vinci
    89.Dwight Eisenhower
    90.Vincent Van Gogh
    91.Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
    93.Michael Jordan
    95.Hideki Tojo
    99.Qin Shi Huang
    102.Saint Peter
    103.Otto Von Bismarck

  34. Upendra Samaranayake

    37 is Leonardo Da Vinci not Leo Tolstoy.

    And 50 is Albert Schweitzer not Mark Twain.

    42 is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  35. Upendra Samaranayake

    7. Ferdinand Marcos
    9. Liu Ziang (9.88 was his record)

  36. Titus: Although it would be better to have the higher resolution image tagged, but we are almost done with identifying these figures. So unfortunately it is not worth it at this point.

    Upendra: Wow !! that is pretty amazing! Thanks for the input. I have added most of your input. Some of the names you mentioned were mentioned before but might not have been added on the grid. So i attributed them to the first contributor and added you as a star. … anyway, thanks again!

  37. some say 92: is Georges Braque

  38. Upendra Samaranayake

    Yeah, an art teacher I asked said 92 could be Georges Braque

    She also said that 86 couldn’t be Rembrandt because of the glasses and that 88 is Michaelangelo (Renaissance hat)

    96 is probably a biblical figure

    5 could be Yul Brynner in “King and I”

  39. Upendra Samaranayake

    16 is Woodrow Wilson

  40. Upendra Samaranayake

    51 – Attila the Hun?
    101 – Samuel Adams?

  41. Bambam: Thanks again. I have added Georges Barque to the list.

    Upendra: Thanks again. I have made the changes to Michelangelo, Yul Brynner, and Samuel Adams. However, i couldn’t find a Woodrow Wilson picture that resembled #16. Most of Attila the Hun’s depictions were bearded, #51 isn’t. Similarly, #70 doesn’t look alot like Pol Pot in terms of facial expressions, hair style, and clothing style. Do you have a better picture ?

  42. Upendra Samaranayake

    39: Henri Matisse
    92: Marcel Duchamp
    101: JJ Rousseau

  43. Upendra Samaranayake

    89: Thomas Lipton, note the beard and tea cup

  44. Upendra Samaranayake

    88: Claude Monet
    81: Leo Tolstoy

  45. Upendra Samaranayake

    64: Rudyard Kipling

  46. Upendra Samaranayake

    102: Rabindranath Tagore

  47. Upendra Samaranayake

    70 is Deng Xiaoping
    3 is a woman

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