KDE 4 Wallpaper Collection (amazingly beautiful)

I LOVE desktop wallpapers. Specially colorful, vibrant ones. KDE (wikipedia) and GNOME (wikipedia) usually never fail at providing a good selection of default wallpapers. Recently, the Oxygen Team unveiled the wallpaper collection for KDE 4.0 (more on KDE 4 here). The wallpapers were breathtakingly beautiful. You can see or even download the entire collection here.

KDE 4.0 RC1 Desktop Screenshot

  1. Aha, a good replace for that horrible “Bliss”, and other ugly wallpapers Windows comes with. Thanks.

  2. Khaled: Yeah, they are quite beautiful aren’t they 🙂

  3. Hallo,
    sorry für die nicht auf Englisch schreibt, war ich auf der Suche nach, und ich diese Website gefunden, Ich mag Ihre Post-und Ich mag Ihnen für den Austausch zu danken.


  4. Wallpapers are nice, but not all, and yes, maybe the make the graphic card slower, and has to save into profile. Thanks and best greetings Joanna

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