دخول الحمام مش زي خروجه

I was talking about how i wish i could blog as soon as ideas or events occur to me sometimes. Well this has just occurred to me just moments after writing that post. 🙂

Still at work, i had to go use the bathroom. Now they usually don’t maintain the hand soap regularly, and today was no exception. As i was exiting the stall, i noticed a guy just finishing up and drying his hands. Turning back to the sinks, i found out that there was no soap! So, i just said “Screw it!!” and headed outside to the kitchen to get some dish-washing soap … of course the guy did not know that, and i saw him staring at me … “WTF ?! i can’t believe this guy isn’t washing his after using the bathroom!!”. He was gone by the time i brought the dishes soap from the kitchen!

Now i had to fix that, so as i was passing his office on my way back to mine i pretended to be making a phone call to my friend complaining to him that i had to use the kitchen soap yet again. Unfortunately after i finished that bit, i noticed that the guy wasn’t in his office!!! So, here i am touring the office floor searching for him and pretending to be on the phone 🙂 . Finally, i found him by the copy room, and i passed infront of him doing that bit again (although that wasn’t on my way to he office).

Did he buy into it?? I really doubt that … but there isn’t anything that i can do now. Eh … screw it!

  1. LOL@ the make-believe phone call! 😀

    The soap we use at work is like dish washing gel anyway, that’s why I always carry an anti-bacterial with me… And no I’m not scrupulous :p

  2. What if, while you were pretending to make a phone call, someone actually CALLED you.
    How would you explain that to your colleague?
    Here is a tip to go out of it, ask for hand cream, and say you need it because your hands are so dry from using dish soap instead of regular soap in the bathroom. LOL
    Or just start complaining about it outloud, and he will know the story
    good luck
    ps: I think those the worst tips i ever gave in my life, i am posting them anyways

  3. Ola: 🙂 yeah i am 80% certain that the hand soap that we have is actually just dish washing soap mixed with water.

    Dandoon: hahaha, yeah there was a risk of somebody actually calling me at that time because i had just left a missed call before this whole story. I knew that when i started pretending … but i had no other idea at the time. …. and yeah, these are not among your best tips, but my ideas weren’t any better ;-p

  4. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find soap in our university bathrooms (A place I avoid at all costs unless extremely necessary). So what I do, being the clean freak that I am, I carry a little bottle of soad in my bag PLUS a bottle of anti-bacteria gel. I can’t handle not washing my hands. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. I constantly wash my hands.

  5. Deemco: yeah, i have noticed that public bathrooms exhibit a bipolar effect. They are either really good, or really bad :-). Unfortunately, this sucks. It is often the case that the soap is running out, or the water faucet is really short so that your hands are bound to touch the sink if you want to use it. Urggh …

    Anyway, yeah it seems that carrying a personal backup soap and anti-bacterial is something that an increasing number of people are doing

  6. Hahahahaha i cant stop laughing , jad ennak nahfeh!
    soap, phone calls and touring the office floor hehehe 3amalt film hindi 3almawdo3 😀

  7. 7ala: haha … sho a7kee … el-shab m3a2ad 🙂

  8. Let your friend come to where I work. I walked in several times to see people doing their thing without the doors closed.

    Not to mention fecal graffiti

  9. KJ .. one word … EEWWW !! 🙂

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