Frisbee Found !!

Many thanks to everyone who suggested a good place to buy a frisbee. I was able to find one yesterday night. I will give it a spin and see how does it match up to my beloved old one :-). Who knows, if this works out, we could organize a big game of ultimate or something. No experience necessary 🙂

  1. That is so cool…I never knew you can play Frisbee professionally!
    The last time I played Frisbee was the summer I moved to Canada. We did not have friends here, and we (my siblings and I) played as many outdoor games as possible since we never had the chance to do to so growing up in SAUDI.
    My Frisbee plate had the Canadian Maple Leaf on it…LOL…the days of FOB-NESS

  2. Umm … while i wish i can play frisbee professionally … i really don’t. All the experience i ever had i gained from tossing the disc around during my college days. That picture up there is of a professional play that i found on Wikipedia.

    “FOB-ness” …. hahaha, never heard that one before 🙂

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