Frisbee in Amman ?

Would anyone know where can i buy a Frisbee disc (طـبـق طـائـر) in Amman ? I am trying to organize a couple of Ultimate Frisbee games, but my frisbee broke :-(.

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  1. I would try C-town or Carrefour. Maybe major toy stores, I dont know specific names.

  2. Carrrefour (City Mall)

    شارع المدينة الطبية



  3. r u from Seattle or sth ?? :>

    i think u can find them in the places mentioned above …

  4. Dana, Qabbani, Isam: Thanks for your help and recommendations!

  5. Are Frisbees so rare in Amman?

  6. Jet: well, Frisebee is not very popular here in the region. So you can find it here and there, but it is not well known.

  7. I have 4 ultrastars with me in Amman. If u r still in the city then contact me. I am a long time member of Ultimate leagues in Toronto, Ottawa and even a summer in Vancouver. I can also get more from Canada if you like. Note that there is a tournament in Egypt in February. It’s being organized by a Russian group of Ultimate players.

  8. Are there any regular ultimate games in the city? I will be here for the summer and would love to find a game,
    let me know if there are or someone is interested in trying to set it up

  9. I will be moving to Amman for a year and wondering if there were regular ultimate games in Amman? Please let me know.

  10. Hi,

    i am living in amman and interested in a regular game. Does anyone know of one? if not if a few people are interested we could set one up.

    Let me know



  11. Living in Amman and would love to know if there are any players here thay are interested in starting a group to play.

  12. Hi Regina I am keen to play and might be able to find a couple if other people. Do you know any one else who might play?

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