Sporadic Pictures of Ramallah

Some pictures of my beautiful Ramallah. These were taken between July and October of this year.
This post with 11 pictures could be quite a bit for low-bandwidth connections … sorry …but hey, i haven’t posted in a while. 🙂

A Nice Building in Ramallah

Twin Residentials ?

(that damn stupid wire !!!)

Al Tierah

Buildings & Low Clouds

A Skyline Attempt

Tower Enthroned

( a building enthroned )

Ramallah in the distance 1

Ramallah in the distance 2

Rising Minaret

( really nice ! )

Al Tierah Circle

  1. This looks like al masyoun and Tal Al-saffa:)

  2. Yeah it does, but they are actually mostly from Al-Tiereh, and that area near “Al-Qasr Al-Thaqafee”. One of them was taken on the street that is right under the Ersal street.

  3. ya allah!
    I was going to say al masyooooon
    I miss Ramallah so much

  4. Beautiful!

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