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World Famous People Tagged & Identified

I saw this picture on a couple of blogs (first here, then here), so i tried to identify some of the characters portrayed. So i decided to tag them and see if i can identify them with the help of the community. Here is a scaled down version of the picture, click it to see it full scale (~750 KB in size). The original untagged picture can be found here. High resolution versions of the original picture here and here (thanks Isam). Qwaider also applied the numbered tags to the higher resolution version, many thanks!

World Famous People Tagged (small)
A hi-res tagged version can be found here. (~1.1 MB)

Here is a list of the people that i have figured out so far, if you know of more, please let me know and i will add them to this list.

The list of who’s who … well at least in the picture above
1: Jacques Verges 2: Dante Allghieri 3: Deng Xiaoping? 4: Mother Teresa
5: Yul Brynner? 6: Mikhail Gorbachev 7: Ferdinand Marcos? * 8: Kofi Annan
9: Liu Xiang** 10: Prince Charles 11: Empress Dowager Cixi 12: Osama Bin Laden
13: George W. Bush? 14: Luciano Pavarotti 15: Salvador Dali?* 16: Gregory Peck? / John Wayne?
17: Spartacus? / Julius Caesar?* 18: Yasser Arafat 19: Marilyn Monroe 20: Marlon Brando
21: Fidel Castro 22: Laozi* 23: Chi Guevara 24: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
25: Zhou Enlai 26: Napoléon Bonaparte 27: Mao Zedong 28: Marie Curie? *
29: Abraham Lincoln 30: Genghis Khan 31: Pablo Picasso 32: Steven Spielberg?*
33: Friedrich Nietzsche 34: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 35: Karl Marx 36: William Shakespeare
37: Leonardo da Vinci* 38: Robert Oppenheimer 39: Henri Matisse? 40: Joseph Stalin
41: Elvis Presley 42: Franklin D. Roosevelt* / Jorge Luis Borges 43: Winston Churchill 44: Bruce Lee
45: James Garfield? 46: Margert Thatcher* 47: Peter the Great?* 48: Charles de Gaulle
49: Bill Clinton 50: Maxim Gorky* 51: Lin Biao 52: Solomon?
53: Vladimir Lenin 54: Guan Yu 55: Cui Jian 56: Aristotle / Plato?** / Homer / Socrates
57: 58: Pelé 59: Adolf Hitler 60: Saddam Hussein
61: Ludwig van Beethoven 62: Audrey Hepburn 63: Benito Mussolini 64:
65: Lei Feng* 66: Henry Ford* 67: Charlie Chaplin 68: Ernest Hemingway?* / Charles Bukowski
69: Sun Yat-sen** 70: Deng Xiaoping? 71: Sigmund Freud 72: Mike Tyson
73: B. F. Skinner* 74: Chiang Kai-shek* 75: Stamford Raffles? 76: Vladimir Putin
77: Lu Xun?* 78: Lewis Carroll* / Hans Christian Andersen 79: Queen Elizabeth II 80: Shirley Temple
81: Charles Darwin?* / Leo Tolstoy 82: Albert Einstein 83: Li Bai / Mozi* 84: Moses**
85: Confucius?* 86: 87: Mahatma Gandhi 88: Claude Monet?
89: Dwight Eisenhower?* / Thomas Lipton? 90: Vincent van Gogh 91: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 92: Marcel Duchamp
93: Michael Jordan 94: Ariel Sharon 95: Hideki Tojo* 96:
97: Yue Fei* 98: 99: Qin Shi Huang?* 100: Run Run Shaw?
101: Samuel Adams? 102: Rabindranath Tagore / Saint Peter?* 103: Otto von Bismarck* / Moltke the Younger? 104: Jacob
Names with question marks? need further verification
Coloured stars* denote supporting people

If you recognize somebody that is not included in the table above, or if you believe there is a mistake somewhere, please leave me a comment, and i will add him/her to the list. … tell your friends to jump in on that too 🙂


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With thanks to Monica for her correction.

KDE 4 Wallpaper Collection (amazingly beautiful)

I LOVE desktop wallpapers. Specially colorful, vibrant ones. KDE (wikipedia) and GNOME (wikipedia) usually never fail at providing a good selection of default wallpapers. Recently, the Oxygen Team unveiled the wallpaper collection for KDE 4.0 (more on KDE 4 here). The wallpapers were breathtakingly beautiful. You can see or even download the entire collection here.

KDE 4.0 RC1 Desktop Screenshot

Israeli soldiers recall torture experiences

I found this via this post on Sabbah’s Blog. An upcoming documentary (not sure where it will air, but i am on the look out) features six Israeli female soldiers recalling their experiences in the Israeli army torturing Palestinians. Good to hear that this is finally coming out more vocally.

Anyway, this is originally a Reuters news report that you can read here.