Yazan’s Abstract Art

I don’t know the exact classification of this type of art … i guess it is abstract art. … regardless … here are some very beautiful pieces by Yazan Khalifeh. I found these at RamallahUnderground.com.

Chain Free by Yazan Khalifeh
Chain Free


Flesh in Harmony by Yazan Khalifeh
Flesh in Harmony


The Nest
The Nest

  1. For some reason I only enjoyed them, and felt them when I viewed them last to first. I loved The Nest the most though. beyooootifol!

  2. I think any piece of art that doesn’t fit anywhere else is called abstract art (too weird for definition)

  3. omg! dey r awsum yr heads off 2 u i wish i culd creat a white sheet lyk dis… grt!!

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