Pixelated Building

I am trying to describe this, or give it contextual setting … but i can’t. All you need to know is: new building, under construction, highest point in Ramallah (..i think).

Building Front … Blue Sky

That open window ruined the shot 🙂

New Building in Ramallah

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  1. it’s quite beautiful! 😀
    I wish they’d put a bit more consideration and creativity into building new buildings in Amman – they just seem to love eye-burning generic ones. I’m talking about complexes and 3amaraat of course! hehe

    Btw, I REALLY like your blog
    enjoyed reading through!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words!

    Well … i don’t want to give the impression that every building in Ramallah is an architectural masterpiece (i don’t think this one is either). … but there has always been an undeniable architectural and cultural movement in Ramallah.

    I have seen many nice buildings in Amman as well … but i guess it is a matter of scale and percentage.. right ? Amman is a bigger, more stable city, so i guess the bar is set higher for it.

  3. OMG…keep the photos of Ramallah coming! this is so different from what I see when I google Ramallah!

  4. Thanks! .. .yeah hopefully as more people publish regular photos of Ramallah, one would be able to google for actual non-news pictures of the city.

    Actually, there used to be some nice pictures of the city on Flickr … but i am not too sure.

  5. Yeah one can see this awful building even from Ersal street.

    Omar: You are an artsy person:( this is hideous dude! a crime in the name of architecture:D

  6. Ohoud: Yeah, it is not a very artsy or architecturally beautiful creation, but what attracts me in it is its location (on top of a hill with no other tall buildings obstructing its view … the roof will actually should be able to give you a panoramic view of the city and nearby hills), and its inward curved glass front. On a nice weathered day you can get some really nice reflections on that front (that is not very common in Ramallah yet).

    But yeah i agree, the architect/owner of that building could have definitely done a better and more timely job … but then again, resources are not a granted thing there 😉

    btw, you can see it from Ersal street because it is technically right next to it 🙂 . The Ersal street technically starts from Al-Mukata’a which is in the vicinity of this building.

  7. Min emta was it next to it?:D only if it shrunk a month ago.

    There are many resources in Ramallah and there are many wonderful architecture projects taking place there also .Have you been to Tal Al-safa lately? Suad Al-Ameri has done wonderful landscaping there and also Osama sakakini.

  8. I agree with you, it is not much of a great architectural design (… the new Paltel Group building, and the new Jawwal building are definitely better in my opinion), but i still do like that curved glass front.

  9. Do you know anything about the Le Royal Hotel & Central Shopping Complex in Ramallah? http://www.uci.ps/projects/ramallah.html

  10. nigim: Unfortunately not much. All i know is that there was a bid to create a new shopping district between the Ersal street and Baloo3. But i don’t anything beyond that i’m afraid.

  11. wow what a beautiful building. very nice. where is that place?

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