mbc4: ….. it screws you

Yes, that should be their motto instead of “It’s for you”.

The mbc network has been advertising an interesting episode of the CBS show 60 minutes. Of course, they figured out that the best time to air that show would be 6:00am KSA, which is 5:00am our time. Completely dismayed, i looked up their schedule at their website (mbc.net), and i found out that this program will repeat at 2:00am. Although i had a long day already, i decided to stay up late and catch that show.

It is 2:18am now, and sure enough mbc4 decided to screw with me and air a different program that is not listed on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE SCHEDULE !!! Instead of 60 minutes i am now in the pleasant company of …. guess what …. BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS!!! Instead of watching a semi-intelligent show, i am now looking at rappers wearing sun glasses at night, inside a fully closed hall !!! This is just awful 🙁

WTF mbc !! Please fix your scheduling, and display the CORRECT schedule on your website … this is just beyond annoying!!

  1. LOL!! I saw the ad yesterday and they said it was at 1:00 or something :s I had a hint of a thought to stay up but then I remembered I wasn’t interested 😀 Don’t feel bad, I gather that he was talking about Dubai got so filthy rich, you just might have missed some pointers 😀

  2. they do. they have changed timings a couple of times. i watch Commander in Chief regularly from the time they launched it and I go home early wednesday evenings to watch it, and then they just scrap it off without any notification. I said okay, as long as Hell’s Kitchen is still showing every Thursday evening at 620, and today, they screwed me again. What the f—? Is this being run at all? Don’t they know what responsible journalism is? Or at least respecting other peoples, It is very disrespectful keeping time changes just like that. I want to storm into their office and give them a piece of my mind. What kind of people run this station? Uncouth, impolite, uneducated, unethical…. grrrrrrrrrrr………

  3. hahahaha … yeah i totally sympathize with that … it is really terrible when you look forward to a show and you discover that the channel changed the program abruptly.

    In the past two weeks i experienced the same problem with Fox channel. I was looking forward to the new Simpsons episodes on Sundays .. but i come back home to find out that they canceled the airing of the Simpsons for … guess what … NASCAR !!!! they did that two weeks in a row so far … this is terrible 🙂

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