Ubuntu 7.10 Released!

I was going to rant about how it is the18th of October already (the scheduled release date for Ubuntu 7.10), and yet the banner on the main page of ubuntu.com still claims that the new release is coming soon, and no news brief is available in their little news section … even though their little counter does proclaim that there are 0 days to go for the new release, and one can actually follow the download links to download the new 7.10 (not RC) iso. I even got a screenshot to prove this.

Ubuntu Released

However, as i refreshed the main page one last time … i discovered that they have updated their site in celebration of the new release. They managed to sneak in that update while i was writing this post!

Touché Ubuntu …. Touché!
Oh well … i am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they have scheduled the release for 12:00 GMT. I guess i will be downloading 7.10 now and installing it.

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