Re: To Hell With The Environment

This was originally my comment on a post by this, apparently, cinnamon-loving blogger.

[i believe that] pollution, and the resulting contribution to global warming, is a neglected serious problem in the Arab world.

We are often tempted to downplay the effects of pollution and global warming on our lives and the lives of the generations to come by saying “There are more important problems to fix”.

True .. there are alot of problems that should be fixed in the Middle East, but the minimality of the personal effort required to fix these problems is quite often neglected.

After all, we can all help by at least:

  • Not littering the streets and open wilderness.
  • We can ask our grocery store to not give us plastic bags when we don’t need them.
  • Minimize our consumption of private cars (at least once a week).

As Ola mentioned, this problem does have some serious effects, and we can all help.

  1. How did you know I like cinnamon?!!

    The problem is that we probably won’t know how serious that is until it directly has its toll on our lives, and the practices we can start/stop doing to deminish pollution is way more than we consciously know! Starting from litterring to changing the lighting system in our houses

  2. hmmm …. how did i know you liked cinnamon?! …… i guess i am psychic 😉

    Anyway, yes you are right, since people don’t see the bad effects immediately, they don’t realize how serious these issues are. But on the up side, i think awareness is increasing slightly about these topics (nothing too promising yet .. but slightly).

  3. 7alal 3aleik – it is neglected by the populace that they too are accountable and not just the factory-makers and the governments.

    I personally now use almost exclusively plant based detergents. They’re extremely clean and they smell wonderful too. AAAND non toxic to your hands!

    Yes I am quite the househusband 😛

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