I was flipping through some pictures that have been sitting in my digital camera for a while. I think that day was a great day for taking pictures because i liked most of them. Anyway, i am uploading a few of them now and i might upload some more later. All these pictures (except the first one) were taken in our garden.

Tree Row

Bee Inside

Trees & Sky

Pink/White Flower

I have the high resolution versions of these pictures (if interested). I don’t mind you using them, but please let me know if you do.

  1. Oh boy…this is in RamAllah!
    you made me more eager to see it now

  2. Well, these pictures were taken at a garden … but i have some pictures of Ramallah that i need to transfer to my PC.
    … but yeah, it is a wonderful city (at least in my opinion :-)).

  3. What kind is ur camera?

    The first one is really awesome!

  4. Ola: Thanks. It is a Sony Cybershot w55.

    Hala: Thank you.

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