Bab El-7ara

Bab El-7ara (part 2) is the first movie series i’ve watched since the last 5 Ramadans. Although i did not see the first part, i started watching this series since the rest of my family and friends did. As many others, i was shocked by how the “female role” was portrayed in this series, and by how trivial are the issues that the males fight ever so dramatically about.

One night while i was making one of my usual “this is absurd” comments, my little sister looks at me and says, “maybe they are not showing us this as a good thing”, and it finally dawned on me!! Traditionally, movie series set up in the semi-distant past idolized the lost values and traditions of those eras. Although many of these values (such as modesty, bravery, generosity, courage, caring for one another and for one’s neighbors) are good and should be idolized. We sometimes overlook the fact that the semi-distant past did carry a load of problematic traditions such as female illiteracy and gender bias.

Maybe she’s right! Maybe the producers of Bab El-Hara want us to take a critical look at problems such as gender bias and trivial in-fighting. After all, this series did successfully create a huge buzz, and it did in fact stir up many discussions. …. anyway, even if that was not purposefully meant, i think this is how i will look at it from now on.

  1. AH…I really hate going to Iftaars at people’s houses because everyone turns on the Arabic satelite andget glued to it. I DONT GET WHTAS SO GOOD ABOUT THIS SHOW!
    I think it is absured too.

  2. heeeyyy…. never reject free food :-p. As far as this show, well i don’t know what attracted people initially, but now i actually do think that it offers viewers the chance to take a critical look at the issues mentioned above (might not be the best way/show to highlight that though).

  3. well enjoy season 3 then!

  4. Yea I can never reject tabee5 in Ramadan

  5. I agree with your sister! The show obviously criticises those practices through some scenes and characters… Besides, if this is how things were, why deny them? It’s always interesting to learn more intrahistory

    Have you seen nemer bin 3odwan tayyeb? You’ll be shocked at how women were treated… grrrrrr they weren’t even allowed to eat with their men! Again, as outrageous as it may be, it is true and it is good to know!

    I keep teasing my brother and male relatives by how they wish those days of bab el7ara will come back, but they are loooooooooong gone, and now we rule… I mean justice is done, somehow!

  6. This is the very thing people overlook while watching it: that it shows Arabs as uncaring for women etc and they’re stupid. This isn’t true in the modern world, but people shouldn’t deny the past and what the series is trying to portray. If you are watching an mid 50s American series set in Mississippi, you’d be saying the same thing.

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