Giver – Easy File Sharing

From the openSuSE news blog:

Another tremendously helpful application that came as the result of Hack Week was a nice new application called Giver. This little application docks into your system tray, and when you open it up you can see a list of all the users on your network who have Giver open:

Giver - Easy File Sharing

To transfer images, files or even folders, all you have to do is drag it onto the person you want to send it to. They will get a small dialog asking them to accept or decline receiving the file:

Giver - Notification

..and then if they accept, it’ll pop up right onto their desktop. Simple!

Giver requires absolutely no extra configuration to get it up-and-running. All you have to do is start the application on the computers that you want to be able to send stuff to, and it will do all the rest. Another nice touch is that you also have the option of adding pictures to your user entry, as is displayed above.

Here is a great video demonstration as well:

  1. Interesting and it would be more useful if it let you connect to a wider network for sharing but then I’d feel very unsafe 😀

  2. I guess this currently presents a solution for quickly sharing files with near-by colleagues. But i agree with you that if it is to be extend to a WAN solution, there has to be a solid authentication, verification, and end-to-end aspects to it.

    It is an open source software, so everything is possible.

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