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M7ashee, stuffed vegetables, is a (very delicious) traditional Palestinian/Levantine dish. The vegetables are usually carved and then stuffed with rice, some meat, and a dash of spices. The dish is cooked with a light tomato sauce and served hot.

The interesting thing is that people have used all sorts of vegetables in this dish. Besides the traditional Zucchinis and Egg Plants, some people stuff the following vegetables:

  • Green Peppers
  • Small Pumpkins (يقطين)
  • Potatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes (this is probably the hardest one)
  • Sweet Carrots (The purple ones)
  • فقوس (i don’t know what that is in English, but it looks like cucumbers)

Do you know of other vegetables that are also used in m7ashee ?

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  1. allah yesam7ak, jawa3tni o ana shab3an

  2. *evil laugh* .. my plan has worked then !! 🙂

  3. Looks yummy! Do you mind to share your recipe?

  4. Thanks, i wish i could claim that i cooked this, but my mom cooked these when i was back in Ramallah … i just eat them 🙂 .

    However, I think any Palestinian/Lebanese/Syrian (Levantine) cook book will have this recipe in it.

  5. Ma7ashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii omg when I was in Syria I ate 4 days ma7ashi! Two days ma7ashi with tomato sauce and the village version of ma7ashi – koosa blaban!

  6. KJ: Ahh .. your comment made me visit this page again. Now i am craving ma7ashy !!!!
    بالمناسبة، هناك طبخة شبيهة بالكوسا باللبن وإسمها “مخشي كوسا” .. وفيها يحشى الكوسا باللحمة المفرومة والصنوبر ثم يقلى ثم يطبخ باللبن !! فعلاً إنها أكلة لذيذة

  7. za3tar –
    اللي عم تقول عنه إسمه (على حسب ستي) “شيخ المحشي” (بس له أسامي كثير على حسب إنت من وين) .. يا سلا آاااااام ما أذكاه !!!!

  8. آه سمعت عن هذا الإسم … أعتقد أنه “شيخ المحشي” هو الإسم الأكثر شهرة لهذه الطبخة

  9. hi!! i’m from palestinian ancestry, bas 3aish fi southamerica, my mother cook ma7shi warak dawali, and al-as-silk(chard), and malfouf, and the red peppers and the onions, and chilies, etc..!!!! hahahahah

  10. ahh, i forgot something, the “faquse” is something like sukini, at least we call the sukini faquse

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