The Purple Petals

Purple petals have fallen of a tree down the road of where i live. The street turned into a majestic purple shade. I have not digitally altered any of these photos, i am not sure if they need to.

Purple Petals 2

Purple Petals 1

Purple Pavement

I have more of these if anybody is interested. I also don’t mind you using them, but please let me know if you do.

  1. wow this is really awesome! especially the first one… I htink it would lookbetter if you rotate it

  2. Thanks Ola. The first one is probably my favourite as well.
    Oddly enough though, if i rotated it up-right it looses some of its beauty (IMAHO). I think that might be because in the current position the purple is right at the center, and it is not so when it’s rotated.

  3. Ya Allaaaaaaaah ma ajmalhom

    Listen man, purple Iris doesn’t grow here (pretty much nothing does) – if you find one 3mol ma3roof and take a photo w bkoon mamnoon 🙂

  4. KJ: The pictures above were taken back when i was in Ramallah … bas Khalas ilak minni akamin soora. The university here is very fond of purple and pink rose petals .. so i took a few photos during the spring time. .. so i might put them up.

  5. Purple iris, don’t forget! It has to be a berbel iris!

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